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Let's all hear it for my neglected journal!!

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Feb. 23rd, 2002 | 02:36 am
mood: soresore
music: mamboish jungle beats ....

Yeah, it took not being able to sleep and not having anything to do to get me to write more in this journal, but whatever works ... so i just got back from the C-House where the last Exodus of the semester was happening ... it rocked the casa! especially all the mamboish and salsaish beats ... whoo! perhaps my appearance can also attest to how much fun i had ... i'm sort of soaked through with sweat and my hair is in great lumps and strings ... plus i smell like cigarettes and sweat (gonna take care of that real soon) ... also, going to ninth street with sarah and alexis today was fun, cos we went to Schoolkidz and some other store, then Wellspring, where i bought expensive soup that i don't need and yogurt and sour cream and lime and chile chips to eat with my sour cream (yes, the condiment is more important) ... classic look into Jonathan's head .. ha ha ha ... i'm going insane ....

People of the Day - Alexis, Sarah, Chris (langford), and Scott

Boy of the Day - Scott of SHARE fame ... dang, he cute ...

Quote of the Day (from yesterday) - "Our apartment was so small that Mother made me play in the oven."
--from "Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which we saw yesterday and may rival Rocky Horror as the best transvestite musical ever! (it has a better plot at least)

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