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Wednesday in New York.

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Oct. 29th, 2006 | 08:53 pm
mood: ditzyI like sweet potatoes.
music: You should too.

Where's Leona Helmsley when you need her?

I managed to wake up at 10ish, despite not returning from Happy Valley the previous night until after 4. And of course had to answer more e-mail and schedule more meetings for work, but that was not too strenuous. Then I used as many of the fabulous toiletries as I could in the shower, and ran away for some lunch. I got a really great ham sandwich with the best dijon mustard in the world from a very chatty man at a bakery in the Time Warner Center, then sat in Columbus Circle and ate it while reading and wishing the fountains were quieter. But that didn't really bother me, 'cause it's a cool circle anyway. For the rest of the afternoon, I lounged around Central Park reading my sick building syndrome book and wondering at what point my boss would call to make arrangements for the next day.

Then Nathan and I called each other repeatedly to make plans for the lecture at the NYPL, given by Toril Moi. Funny to travel 500 miles to see a Duke professor speak, but anyway. We managed to find each other and scoot into the lecture room only a minute late. She spoke about Henrik Ibsen, and it was a very cool and accessible talk that I took notes on (as did Nathan) with the intention of blogging about it in my work blog, but I haven't put it on there yet. I may still. In addition to the content, I really enjoyed that there was such a variety of people there, none of whom were forced to go (as lots of students are at university talks at times) but all of whom did anyway. Go the New York Public Library!

After that was done, we awayed to Blood Bath & Beyond to buy an egg crate mattress pad for Nathan's couch, and we also looked for blackout curtains. Testing them was completely hilarious because we had to drape them over our heads to see if light came through. After 15 minutes of that, we selected one and then moved on to wooden hangers. Nathan's apartment is getting quite fancy. Then we gathered the purchases and took them on the train to Brooklyn. We immediately went to Kellogg's to eat dinner (and it's pretty convenient that the entrance to the diner is the first thing at the top of the subway stairs), and ran into a catering acquiantance of Nathan's there. Then we ate hamburgers and omelets, and took all of the crap to Nathan's house. Rose's mom was there (and her nails are so amazing!), and awake this time, so we installed the mattress pad on the couch and then chatted. And my Spanish was pretty crappy and thus I didn't say a whole lot. Eventually we transferred all of his clothes to the wooden hangers and gathered up the plastic ones, then I said goodbye to Nathan and took the train back. I took my chances on the L line and it was working promptly. And when I got back to the hotel, I had to face the task of packing everything up. It took over an hour with the new things I'd bought at Century 21, but TV and music helped keep me motivated.

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