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I found 1 of 2 missing things.

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Sep. 7th, 2006 | 12:52 am
mood: sillywired

Time to rejoice.

Earlier tonight I became so frustrated with not being able to find 1) the wallet that someone brought me from Italy and 2) my huge amazing list of books I want to read that I have been compiling forever that I went on a massive search in my apartment. In 90 minutes I organized tons of stuff, including all my HR paperwork and some great wall decorations I'd forgot I had. I also found a shitload of AA batteries, regular envelopes (which I have needed for so long! I've been stealing them from work forever!), assloads of Christmas cards, old bank statements, some great architecture books I'd forgotten about, and notes/readings from tons of college classes. And I did find the fucking book list! It was in a plastic bag in my bedroom, with some of the pieces in a manila folder and others folded inside my old day planner from last year. How it got split up that way is beyond me, but I nevertheless have it again; over 300 books for me to read! (Eventually.) Well, I'll probably strike about 1/3 of them off the list, but still. Lots of books. I'm going to the library tomorrow to get some of them.

Also, I'm super motivated to organize all of my stuff. I no longer want to just ignore all of the unsorted stuff, now that I live somewhere that it isn't all on top of me. The HR stuff, which is most important, is all together, so now I am going to categorize other things. I think 1/2 the crap I sorted through was comprised of Christmas cards and class notes, heh. Then my apartment will be really super nice. And I have sufficiently cleaned out my current wallet that the fancy Italian one can go fuck itself.

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