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My stomach is eating me.

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Jul. 30th, 2006 | 05:23 pm
mood: confusedconfused
music: Aloe vera is edible, right?

And I can't do a thing about it.

Woah, I'm getting really strange food cravings right now. I really want crusty bread and some salty ham and really crunchy sweet vegetables. I am literally eating creamed corn and pineapple juice to get this to back off a little, because otherwise I'll have to walk down to Locopops and ask if they have a popsicle that has an entire deli in it.

I was randomly awake at 7:45 this morning, so I got a lot of stuff done. Went for a walk around East Campus (yay giant sunglasses for helping me deal with the sun), made breakfast around here, then went to Lowe's and spent a really long time choosing nails, clay pots, a mirror, and a broom & dustpan. I have a fabulous mirror that I'm going to put up in my office. And a glazed yellow pot for the larger aloe vera plant. There's still hope that my boss' office design will not overshadow mine! Maybe.

As soon as I dispose of all this corn, I am going to get Emily's key so I can watch Sherpa while she is away and then start potting plants. Weee.

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(no subject)

from: groovyrooster
date: Jul. 30th, 2006 11:14 pm (UTC)

Are you pregnant? Something you need to tell us? =-)

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(no subject)

from: jillyfish16
date: Jul. 31st, 2006 03:23 am (UTC)

i was about to say, sounds like me! pregnancy, even when no fun, can at least be used as an excuse for such things as this.

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