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Here's your full weekend ...

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Sep. 15th, 2002 | 05:43 pm
mood: indescribableindescribable
music: The Hives "Hate to Say I Told You So"

This was probably the most eventful weekend since I've been back at school, and perhaps the most eventful since I've been in college. It was all quite fun, so starting from the beginning ...

I don't remember all of Friday night for reasons that will be listed below, but what I do recall was a lot of fun. I went to see Monster's Ball with a bunch of SHARE kids ... the movie was pretty over the top. First one guy gets executed, then Heath Ledger's character commits suicide, then Halle Berry's character's son gets killed, and it happens in Georgia, and there's a whole lot of scary sex scenes. Why is it that this isn't the first movie in which I've seen Halle Berry topless?

On the way back to Decker, we noticed that parties were starting up on West, and I yelled at some freshmen that West was out of beer. Alexis and I decided we should go to some parties and be mischievous. So I changed into non-matching clothing and we went off to the bus stop to watch people ... when the second or third herd of lost East Campus residents came off a bus, we figured we ought to follow them, so we did. After they realized they had no clue where they were going, we got impatient and went to go find Haley's room ... which didn't work out very well. All of the basement areas in Wannamaker look exactly the same, and we couldn't figure out where she lived, plus Mayne Wanor lives there. Somehow we ended up in Craven Quad, where hundreds of people were getting drunk outside ... turns out there were two parties there. We watched people for awhile and Alexis debated tripping them, but that wasn't necessary as they fell over of their own volition. Ha ha ...

We went inside to one of the commons rooms and danced to really poppy hip-hop that I could sing along with cos I hear it everywhere and were generally entertained by the people in the room that were kinda swaying cos they couldn't and/or wouldn't actually dance. After a bit of that, we went back outside and found a bench right near where Mayne Wanor used to live to sit on. We spent about two hours there, making comments at people who stared at us, as well as people who were dressed questionably. That latter category included about everyone cos there was apparently some sort of "thug/pimp" theme party going on, so there were seas of kids with one leg of their track pants rolled up ... a lot of them looked really stupid. We also talked to a couple of guys that Alexis went to middle school with and a guy who was yelling out his window for everyone to go and breed. I saw a couple of my FAClets too ... semi-yay. When I decided I had enough ant bites, we went back to SHARE and slept.

Saturday was even more eventful. I woke up at 11:00 or so and went to get an omelet from Rick's ... there was a huge line and it was really rainy outside, but it was worth it ... mmm, veggie omelet!! After I ate, Colleen and Weiting decided they wanted to go out on the roof and play in the rain, so Sarah, Jay, Dan, and I joined them ... it's harder than hell to get out of those windows, but it was a lot of fun. After awhile, Jay, Weiting, Dan, and I went down to the gazebo and had random fun in the rain over there. After warming-up showers, we began to plan our thrift store shopping day.

In the end, Weiting, her roommate Jessie, Sarah, Greta, Toby, and I got a ride down to Chapel Hill Road from Ian, and we shopped at a fabulous vintage place called The Untidy Museum and the Thrift World across the street. I found a great pair of plaid shorts, and some tannish corduroy pants, so I'm happy about that. We also saw John H at Thrift World, and he cut his hair! It looks good! His head looks a little larger, though ... hee hee.

I don't really remember what happened in the early evening, but eventually Alexis, Stephen, Kelly, Sarah, Greta, and I gathered in the Eating Room commons room to watch "Bring It On" and drink some. The movie was really hilarious, and more so because of liquor. Kelly went off somewhere and Alexis went to do her laundry (and she was probably tired of us anyway, ha), so we were unsupervised by sober people.

Stephen also rented another movie but by then we were sufficiently sauced and didn't pay much attention to it, so we turned it off and went on to such things as making vodka and Swedish fish soup. I literally sprinted over to the Arts House to buy juices, and we also ran around the suite and jumped on mattresses. Weiting eventually came, so things got even more fun. Stupid shit transpired: being flashed by all the girls in the room, walking Weiting over to Kilgo Quad and not even knowing where the hell I was, then sprawling all over the downstairs commons room and trying to rate who was most drunk. By that time I had both lost my keys and card, and I felt really sick. When we moved back upstairs, I went to the bathroom and threw up painfully, but Stephen was nice enough to make sure I didn't pass out. After that I felt better, and we all went to bed.

Today hasn't been all that eventful ... Jerry's too busy to see me, and he might not come to Albuquerque cos he's going to David's sisters bat mitzvah in Florida in November and may not be able to afford both. I'm kind of pissed off cos we haven't seen each other in a long time ... I don't even remember when. I don't think anything else that happened today was eventful, so that's it.

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