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Productivity, randomness, repeat ...

That's pretty much the theme of today. I got a surprising amount of work done, but I still have a LOT to do ... I will have to work like this for the next three days to get everything accomplished. And it's not just reading either: I have a problem set due Wednesday, a policy memo on Thursday, and a Spanish composition on Friday, so this is the stuff that really counts (yet I'm still writing long journal entries). Anyway, highlights of today:

The first AQUADuke meeting was tonight, and it was pretty fabulous. Not as big a turnout as the first GQ meeting last year, if memory serves, but there were a decent number of people there. We have a lot of cool programs coming up, especially Coming Out Week! Yay!

After the meeting, Stephen drove Kyle, Jessie, and I back to Edens and the latter three of us went to Rick's to get some food. I had another semi-Caesar salad (so named by me cos they don't have Caesar dressing; I ate it with Ranch and honey mustard) and we sat outside having a long conversation that covered many diverse topics and was pretty relaxing.

When we finally got up from there, I got my Kant reading for PPS and read it on the bench in the very yellow lights out there ... it took me a good while, but I read it and understood it. Then I came back in here and my roommate is hanging his guitars from the wall ... our room is just surreal.

I better go to bed so I can get up in time to do everything I have to tomorrow ... but I have to say before I go that The Faint fucking rocks!!!!
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