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I think the time on this computer is way wrong, and may thus be so on my entry.

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Nov. 21st, 2005 | 04:47 am
mood: okayTomorrow is Monday.
music: Avenue Q!

Yeah, tomorrow I should write a super blog entry about this weekend because it was great (other than our apartment falling apart; details also forthcoming on that). Right now I'm at Emily's with Sarah B. but Emily is out doing newspaper things so I'm on her computer. Very short version of the weekend:

Friday - played charades at SQ, took excess booze to Adam's friend Haley's room in Kilgo (where Maggie also was!) and we watched movies and drank and stumbled lost around Kilgo Quad and later fled to Rick's.

Saturday - got up super early and cleaned my room, went with Sarah O. to the provost's dinner at the Nasher (the provost and his wife sat at our table; it was neat), then we drooled all over the Nashers' collection ... it's fucking unreal (including portraits of the benefactor's wife and daughters by the same gentleman who did this portrait of Liz Taylor. Yes). Uh, then I ran off to Chapel Hill for Jon W.'s birthday party, where I talked to Lee, Karen N., and Maddie then we went to Franklin St. for a long spell, then I came to Emily's apt. and slept here cos it was super late by then.

Sunday - got up even earlier than the previous day, went to breakfast at Foster's with Emily, Tracy, Shaama, and Karen H., watched game shows, then went home and chilled, then went grocery shopping and then came back here cos I'm gonna be in my apt. for 4 days this coming weekend.

Will fill in the blanks later when I'm on a computer where I can actually type properly ... heh. Hope everyone survived the Epic LJ Server Move of 2005. And that you had a good weekend. Yes.

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