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Excellent daylight to do my reaping.

Mar. 15th, 2019 | 11:33 pm

Too bad I'm not a farmer.

Daylight Saving Time really messed me up this year, and I'm not sure why the change was so much more difficult for me or even different from any prior year. I overslept at least two out of four days between Monday and Thursday, then struggled to catch up at work. I ended up taking today as a vacation day to help me reset and because I have 27 (!) total* leave days for this calendar year and had only taken 0.5 until now. I'm saving many of those days for the various weddings and other trips we'll be doing later this year, as well as to have a nice cushion if I want to take much of December as time off.

On the traveling note we decided to make Aaron's wedding in Wisconsin in July into a long-ish road trip. We will be spending roughly a week leisurely driving there with stops along the way, and leisurely driving back along a different route with same intent. Show us your best gay bars, steakhouses, museums, and kitschy roadside attractions, the Upper Midwest!

Other than that, it wasn't a hugely eventful week. I settled into my new desk as reported in the last entry, and my desk neighbors there are a healthier and moderately less disruptive mix for me. Still going to take some time to get comfortable there, but I will deal. Last night Blake and I watched the ACC Tournament at Nellie's, where the darts league was having their championship night so we squeezed into a tiny portion of the upstairs and watched. I did get to have a more leisurely day, sleeping late then getting up for coffee and to read the news. Most of my news reading was devoted to the New Mexico Legislature, who will wrap their long session tomorrow and are thus in a marathon to finish their business for the year. I went to the gym around 3, picked up a Sweetgreen bowl on the way back, then tonight I went to Nine for happy hour with David and Lajuan, primarily to hear about their budding plans to see Kelly Clarkson in Baltimore tomorrow night. Still have a full weekend ahead, with few if any plans!

*I have maxed out my accrual and my rollover from a prior year, hence the generous pile of leave days.

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