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If I order potatoes and vodka, does it count as a theme brunch?

Feb. 26th, 2019 | 12:38 pm

Deep shallow thoughts.

Aside from the confirmation of upcoming events and travel, here's what actually happened over the weekend!

Friday we finally reached the finale of the current RuPaul's Drag Race season at Trade. The crowds were not too terrible, and we assembled a deep crew of Josh M., Chris, Andrew, Taylor, Josh B.*, Brandon, Ben, Cameron, and Eliot. Following up from that, Andrew had started an unwieldy 12-person group chat for all of us in Snapchat, where Chris floated the idea of Sunday brunch, and actually made it happen! He was able to get a reservation at Lincoln, which was super convenient for Andrew and I. Their buffet didn't look very impressive so we ordered from the menu and I was pleased with steak and eggs. There was even a hash brown disc supporting the whole thing that I apparently didn't see in the menu listing.

After that we wandered to Slipstream to get coffees and sat in Logan Circle with them to people watch. Almost spring and it feels like it! We then went to Trade for a quick round of drinks, nothing too nutty. I was home in time to put two loads of laundry in and order some Qdoba for delivery to watch with the Oscars. And after all the (real) controversy about Kevin Hart not being fit to host and the (fake) controversy of what it would be like to have a hostless show, I didn't really notice. Having Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Maya Rudolph give a little intro at the start in place of a monologue and Julia Roberts to close it out was really sufficient. And given that I saw exactly zero of the actual films up for awards, I had very little stake in the outcomes. :) I do, however, intend to jump on Crazy Rich Asians and The Favourite when they become available on demand.

Apropos of nothing else, my federal tax refund is in, and the DC refund is in process and expected soon. That has also helped with my budgeting and planning for the year.

*Again, Americans: we need a larger pool of baby names.

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