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February, just end now.

Feb. 20th, 2019 | 09:39 pm
mood: mellowmellow

And let me enjoy the rare March Mardi Gras.

Returning from the long President's Day weekend wasn't too bad. I got to work at 8:30, super early for me* even after having stopped for a bagel sandwich (with no line at the ABP!). Worked diligently until 12:30, went to the gym for a nice workout, then back by 2:05 to work until 6:05. The most orderly day in recent memory.

DC had a snow day today (Wednesday), but on a weird timing: OPM** called the snow day by 9 pm last night before we had even pulled dinner off the stove, but no actual snow started until after 4 am. When I finally woke up, it was coming down at a good clip on icy roads and sidewalks, clearly the forecasters got it right. So I went back to sleep and didn't sign on until a prompt 10:02. I hadn't slept very well overnight, feeling an unexplained tooth pain on my left side and just generally tossing.

Unfortunately the reason for my tooth pain and poor sleep is that I have a head cold. For whatever reason, pressure in my sinuses has always liked to bear downward and manifest as toothaches, but it doesn't happen often enough for me to remember that. So it was best that I not leave the house today in any case; I did rest and drink a lot of water, we shall see if that's sufficient for me to get back to the office tomorrow. My work today consisted of lots of CRM-like maintenance, closing old projects, plus participating in a training and our biweekly team check-in via phone. It was all thoroughly uninspiring but at least I didn't have to go anywhere.

And finally, about that dinner: B spent much of Tuesday evening making the Anne Burrell magic bolognese sauce, and we had that over bucatini, a new pasta shape to me. Perhaps I should add that to my otherwise scant February achievements list. B claims they soak up the sauce well, which is not wrong but then again they didn't seem to do as good a job of that as ziti or rigatoni.

*My report time is 10 am, and when my evenings get sucked up by unplanned work, I make the subsequent mornings pay for it.
**Our office "follows" their calls for whether their workers in the DC area get abbreviated or cancelled workdays due to weather, as is a somewhat common practice here.

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