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Last wedding of the year!

Dec. 11th, 2017 | 08:17 pm

Though I offer mad respect if you tell Santa to suck it and have your wedding in late December.

Elliott and Stu’s wedding was a smashing success! A very long day, as weddings tend to be, but worth it. B had arranged to take the day off well in advance, and we spent the morning ironing and obsessing over the right ties and accessories.

The couple of the moment, desperate to have a sip between thousands of photo requests.

The plan was to meet the group at Sara’s apartment at 12:10, then head over to the venue together. We Uber’d there and she was still out dropping off flowers and assorted other errands, so we stood outside on the sidewalk and got in the way of dog walkers while catching up. By the time she arrived, we had Brett, Jesse, Chris T., Patrick, and Kevin assembled. We caught up with Chris some on life in Orlando, then finally Sara arrived and we trooped inside to have mimosas and play with her new cat.

Finally we walked over to Darlington House, got drinks, and yakked with more of the assembled guests. The ceremony started basically on time and Drew was a super efficient officiant. That was only about a 25-minute ceremony and then we were able to enjoy passed hors d’oeuvres (note: mini-pizzas are as popular as you might think!).

Chris V., Stu, Sara, Kevin, and Patrick. Too much fun to capture in a still image!

It was lovely to catch up with everyone, notably Rich and his gorgeous J. Crew navy suit that I covet, and Chris V., who now travels frequently to northern Florida of all places for work. With that part of the day done but not yet time for the next, we fetched our coats and went to Larry’s for a couple of rounds while being the most overdressed of anyone in the Sunday crowd. Then it was back to Sara's place to change into marginally more comfortable garb; while turning on to her street, a car with a very flat front tire pulled over and Chris T. helped them change their tire in his tux! A very good person, he is. Eventually we made our way to Duplex for the afterparty, and got to talk to the grooms’ siblings some as well. Jesse got a giant burger and sat at the bar to eat it, a very appropriate muse for our levels of tired/hungry/calories don’t count on special occasion days.

We finally came home about 9, which felt much later after a day in formal shoes. Lots of weddings coming up in 2018, starting with Lajuan and Xavier on June 2! I may invest in a new suit for these, following the example of Rich.

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