November 25th, 2017

Capitalist Liz

Retail holidays are for buying clothing worthy of being seen in public.

And saving an arbitrary amount in the process.

After much excuse-making and procrastination, I finally went to Target around 3 pm today to stock up on pants.

The weather was fantastically warm and I didn’t even need my coat, making it a tad more justifiable to shake off the turkey coma and leave the house. First stop was to gas up the car, then I went to face my retail maker.

Target was crowded, as expected, but 1 of every 6 American workers was also on shift so everything went swimmingly. When have you ever seen three people staffing the fitting room area? Anyhow, I did find a pair of dark green jean-ish pants and a pair of chinos that will be ideal for work, so those were scores. Also picked up various other junk I needed, checked out, and got a 20% off coupon for the next visit. B had texted to ask for an Italian sandwich while I was there, so I piloted ably toward Bozelli’s which was of course closed. The internet magically steered me toward another comparable deli, I ordered two subs for a pittance, then I returned home. Pretty swell day off!