November 22nd, 2017


"That makes it easy! You simply have two dinners."

Linus was always the problem solver.

It's done. College is paid off. This can be an expensive time of year, so I don't feel like a lot of these milestones happen between mid-November and the end of the year, but it worked out quite neatly this time.

This vacation week has been super laid back. Yesterday we did our needed grocery shopping in the early afternoon and got out of Giant with only minor scuffles. A very impatient woman in the baking aisle almost ran down B with her city cart, but no other issues. And by that point the inventory was still ample. After dropping the bags at home, we went to sit at Eric's bar at Logan Tavern for drinks, and I had an amazing salmon sandwich. This was also the crucial time where we coached Brett on how to get through the first Thanksgiving with her boyfriend's family, followed by moving next door to Stoney's for a drink with Amy. Then dinner at home was a ribeye, green beans, and French onion soup.

I successfully baked two pumpkin pies earlier today, and the can of Reddi Wip is already chilling in the fridge. B put most of the 20 pounds of potatoes we picked up to boil earlier, and prepped the garlic whipped cream to incorporate into them in the morning. Easiest Thanksgiving prep ever, and in keeping with this theme of a lazy week. I did a quick shoulder workout this morning and picked up my new hold from the library, too. At this rate I may be able to finish two more books after this one by the end of the year! I always enjoy accelerating my reading rate, especially given that my book lists together add up to somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 titles.

Currently watching a grad student kick total arse on Jeopardy! If she wins, she could probably pay off her own loans with the haul.