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A possibly redundant Friday Five.

Sep. 30th, 2017 | 10:44 pm

It's Saturday anyway, so deal with it.

1. How did you choose your LJ/DW username?
I actually created it in 10th grade when we were signing up for email addresses in CAD class and I thought it sounded nifty (favorite color + what 15-year old doesn't think petty crime is "nifty"?). But the name sans numbers was taken, so I added a 2 and called it a day.

2. What has been your favorite day this year and why?
February 11th. It was unseasonably warm and I went with Chris, Josh, Andrew, and Travis to hike a huge chunk of the C&O Canal Trail while gabbing about life.

3. What is your favorite film you've seen in the past year and why?
Dunkirk was truly amazing. We saw it on the biggest IMAX screen in the DC area and it was made for that. Also, it turns out to have been quite historically accurate. I expect it to win wheelbarrows of awards when they come along!

4. What is your favorite book you've read in the past year and why?
Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner? is done well, and has direct applicability to the inequalities that I've been writing about for a while now.

5. You get to program a half-hour of music videos on MTV. What videos do you pick?
Lots of Kylie Minogue, Madonna, and Janet Jackson, with newer stuff from St. Vincent, Robyn, and maybe OK Go.

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