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Eat one pancake for every Grammy you think Katy Perry deserves.

Aug. 28th, 2017 | 08:55 pm

A quintessential Sunday activity.

Sunday was back to our usual brunch routine at Duplex. Jack, Joe, Blake, and I posted up at the bar and Bradley was back serving us. I had excellent pancakes and eggs with mediocre bacon, plus Blake's unwanted English muffin, while we watched various Real Housewives shows and then the Nats-Mets game. Our boys were getting spanked by the 3rd inning. :/ Their gun was also on the fritz, so Kelly walked in with giant armfuls of soda and LaCroix cases, and later a repairman showed up. By then, Bradley had probably gone through many liters of Diet Coke.

Later I drove B to work, then decided to be productive and go for a short run. The weather was much more cooperative than in prior weeks, and combined with the very deserted sidewalks helped me achieve some real speed!

Like pretty much every year, I did watch the Video Music Awards again in the evening. Definitely one of the more entertaining ones of the past few! Good performances included Kendrick Lamar*, Pink, Katy Perry herself (she hosted), Fifth Harmony, and DNCE with Rod Stewart. Why Rod Stewart? Why the heck not! They were a super fun collaboration. The only truly bad one was Lorde, in which she neither sang (her song was certainly playing; did she even intend to lip sync?) nor danced but just kind of got flung around gently by dancers? Unfortunate, because she's actually a good live performer. Anyhow, I am pleased with the awardees and in general have continued my smidgen of awareness of current pop music.

*His dancers were climbing this terrifying flaming rope ladder kind of thing? Very original, though.

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