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You can inject vodka into cherry tomatoes!

Jul. 29th, 2017 | 09:27 pm

Because life is grand.

Last night I met up with Blake, Jack, and Mattie at Duplex for their 19th anniversary party! That bar sort of feels like my stepchild at this point. But it was crazily crowded, so we soon moved on to Nellie's for a single drink and then on to Uproar to finish out the night.

Just back from Ben's graduation party this afternoon, though he officially was done with the MBA a month ago. It was at his office, which is a lovely converted house in Old Town Alexandria, and they had an insane food and drink spread. Multiple dips with chips, potato and pasta salads, vodka-injected tomatoes*, Oreo balls, Rice Krispie treats two ways, vodka and whiskey, and the centerpiece of three Crock Pots filled with pulled pork, beef, and chicken. Andrew and I took a Lyft there, and our driver shared his very long-winded theories about how the Federal Reserve Bank controls us all** and that if we call them to opt out we will realize our true worth of $3 billion each and be free. Random. We met up with Taylor and had tons of food, met the family and other folks present, and spent most of our time in the backyard.

*Who invented these and how will I ever thank them?

**I mean, they do in a sense. But he seemed to have blown past that aspect years ago.

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