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Checking another performer that got me through college off the concert list!

Jul. 13th, 2017 | 09:43 pm

The Faint, you're next.

The Beth Ditto show last night was aces! I had been texting with both Lajuan and Brent, and decided to meet up with Lajuan and David at Service Bar. That turned into a bit of a comedy of errors, as L. thought we were all going to his house and we instead went directly to the bar. When I arrived Melisa was there, wondering why I showed up alone, but after a flurry of texts we cleared it all up. In the end we also had Jose, Draja, and John with us, and had a merry time over a couple of rounds of drinks.

Then we marched over to the venue, meeting Larry along the way and seeing Bernie immediately upon entry. Missed the opener, but on a work night it's a tall order to be able to have a pregame and get there in time to see them. We hung out near the back most of the time, but U Hall is small enough that it felt plenty close and intimate. It was also a billion degrees and we sweated through everything we were wearing, but there were plenty of cold beers to help cool off. And Beth was a total rockstar, but very sweet and had cute banter between songs. I don't rehash set lists from shows, but I felt pretty happy with what she chose to perform. :)

After the show we met up with Steven and Stuart on the street and made loose plans to go to Trade. I accompanied Lajuan and David to get a jumbo slice, then Larry graciously drove us to our various destinations. I had a drink and caught up on S & S' epic weekend in upstate NY, and Mikey A. was also there for a bit, then I came home. I should have gone to bed at that point but upon arrival Mario and B were watching random TV, and we ended up watching a Netflix movie, Okja. I would watch Tilda Swinton read the phone book, so I stayed up for the whole thing.

Work today was a nutty mess all day, with far more urgent duties than there was time to handle them. And because the undone tasks will still be there tomorrow, I took some time to read up on the Emmy nominees. Many great shows that I have watched are represented! An Emmy viewing party at our apartment may be in our future.

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