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DC now has 33 seasons.

Mar. 25th, 2017 | 09:16 pm

This one is known as Too Early Spring and lasts 4 days.

Blake and I went to Duplex last night after a hiatus of maybe 3 weeks. They were just wrapping their viewing of the RPDR S9 premiere and it was a little chaotic, but eventually cleared out except for an exuberant drag queen that would not stop walking around filming everyone on Facebook Live. Also of note: Sara's mom showed up and we had a couple of drinks with her! She had just driven up from some kind of kayak certification camp in South Carolina, which was a fascinating story. I got home around 1:30.

The high temp was 78 degrees today, and that made all of humanity come out of the woodwork to enjoy it. It has been striking how many of our newer restaurants and bars in the last few years have added outdoor space, and an early spring like this will help them get the most out of that investment. I had a hair appointment at 1, so scooted out the door around 10:30 to the gym first. It was a very productive shoulder day! The downside was that the gym has no hot water all weekend, presumably related to the construction that is happening in the office building above (LA Fitness is the basement tenant). I did come across this on Friday evening too after my cardio, so it wasn't a surprise. But there were lots of other cranky dudes in the locker room that were making it into a much more dramatic ado than it was. Just for context, we pay $37 a month (or less!) for membership, and the Silver Sneakers people get in free. So it is a tad ridiculous to be freaking out and yelling at the staff for what is clearly a temporary thing that the gym management could not control. I'm probably going to be back there tomorrow morning, and I'll suffer through one more cold shower because I don't want to go to brunch with swamp nuts (TMI, sorry). In sum, I could live without hot water but it's a luxury I do enjoy.

Then I went to Pret for a snack and an iced coffee, then finally to get the haircut. Rusty is having pretty intense family drama but we got a good conversation in and I think all will be ok. He also said he has a date tonight, and when I asked what they were doing his response was "the Netflix and chill variety." :)

It was on the way back from the salon that most of the activity was happening. I saw a giant truck backing into the Soviet Safeway loading dock, which is always a little intense. And on R St a giant quinceañera procession meant I had to literally step off the sidewalk to let them pass. This girl's also made me jealous, as she had a fifteen-piece band in the back. There were also a lot of tourists and daydrinkers, though, so I came right back home after that. I had a lovely nap, and now am idling while B cooks dinner.

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