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We gave Meryl Streep an award for being herself.

Jan. 8th, 2017 | 11:34 pm

The category was forever cancelled thereafter.

With another round of rumors that "We don't know what could happen to LJ" coming in the past two months, I did get my LJ backup through 2012 in place. Tomorrow I'll do 2013 through the present, and then push it all into my backup. So let's all hope this site (and my aging MBP) stay in working order for another 24 hours.

All I really did today was 1) more work, and 2) get a few groceries. Because it's so cold I drove to the Giant. Might have been a mistake because half of their parking garage is closed as the building on the other end is finally under construction, and most of Earth had just finished with church and was descending. Nevertheless I got a lot of stuff on sale, begged the lady in the BMW lurking behind me to back up enough to actually let me out of the space, then came back here. Tonight we watched the Golden Globes, which were ... fine. I've seen virtually none of the movies that were honored, but my TV shows did reasonably well.

Back re: work, I spent probably about ten hours of the weekend on that. January is coming in like a lion filled with unnecessary red tape. But once I'm through this full week, I only have a three-day week next week and then if the world ends after Inauguration Day I never have to tote my work laptop around again. ;)

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