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Sep. 20th, 2006 | 11:45 pm
mood: determineddetermined
music: Parking garage scrub!

It's cold outside! Fall is happening way too fast. And I was on the phone with Mom and Dad earlier tonight, and they've already started using the fireplace! Because low temps in New Mexico are in the 30s! WTF.

At least I will have excuses to wear my wonderful hoodie without a hood that I bought in April. Which is good timing to buy a hoodie if it's on sale, but this one wasn't. It was simply amazing; so at last I will use it.

In other news, one of the buildings that I photographed in my last entry is one of four sites in an upcoming art project by Georges Rousse. Who is quite French, as it happens. Read more here. There was lots of random blathering in the Independent's article about how lucky Durham was to get a project by him, as he is doing other installations in Barcelona, Seoul, Paris, etc. Right next to the details about how the sponsors raised $25,000 for the project and found free hotel rooms and loads of volunteers for the dude. We're not "lucky," we're paying him. Durr. Nevertheless, I hope to go see all four sites on Saturday. (For those curious, the Chesterfield Building is the one that has the famed plaques that appeared in my last entry. :D)

Gotta sleep now. Sleeping has become ridiculously difficult the past few nights. Thus I had a great 30-minute nap after work today, but that may hinder my sleeping attempts now.

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