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Newsprint gets in your eyes.

Jun. 19th, 2006 | 01:22 am
mood: determineddetermined
music: America's Next Top Bottom on podcast

Despite the fact that I spent much of the day sleeping, reading The New York Times (and doing a bit of the crossword), and hanging out with Jorn Ross, Sarah and Weiting, I feel reasonably ready to move this week. Various organizing I have done this weekend led me to actually know where everything is in my bedroom for the first time since I moved in here 10 months ago.

I also had a late lunch at El Rodeo with the above-mentioned people; chicken quesadillas while sitting outside and reading newspapers is the life. Also, due to the ubiquity of bizarre greatest hits compilation albums in the record store there in Brightleaf, Sarah and I are going to Chapel Hill sometime this week. Schoolkidz owns.

Tomorrow at work I am going to actually set up my office. I want to pick out a place to put a giant mirror that will also function as a whiteboard. Or a mirrorboard. Whatever. The point is I want to write on mirrors and keep my duties organized at the same time. There's your innovative humanities, bitches.

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