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"I'm sorry, you're just not gay enough."

May. 4th, 2006 | 08:12 pm
mood: lethargiclethargic
music: Randomness.

Joanna, on Last Day of Classes, to some astonished drunk girls who were wondering why she had card access to the LGBT Center and they didn't. Best. Quote. Ever.

I'll finish chronicling about Orange County over the weekend, because Friday was honestly the coolest day (and I still have some more random photos!) but I'm not feeling up to that right now. Fortunately LJ saved the draft that I abruptly decided not to keep writing a couple of days ago, so I have somewhere to start.

Yesterday was a mighty crappy day at work, because I was reprimanded by voicemail (not undeservedly, so I won't complain further about that), and there was just a shitload of moving-planning stuff to start on, and the day went by so slowly. By 5:30 I was about ready to jump out the window with the case of Diet Coke. But I reconciled my role as a faceless cog, etc., and went to dinner with Emily and Kissy!Sarah at Anotherthyme to celebrate Emily being done with college, and Sarah almost. The fried chicken was awesome, but the waiter was hitting on me, and he was 40. Blah. And I had key lime pie for dessert.

We then went to Verde for drinks, where I thought the brand of whiskey the bartender was using was called Jim Crow. But it was Old Crow. And it did the trick just fine. While there Emily got a call for a job interview from Undergrad Admissions (at 9:30 p.m.! WTF), so we celebrated that with flirtinis and talked briefly to some Fuqua students at the next table before going to our respective homes.

And today at work was way better, not necessarily because my boss wasn't there, but that did make things more chill. I heard Nathan's quest to get his tuxedo from a UPS warehouse in Queens. I also read the bios of all the grad students coming to the ISIS conference in June, and I am way impressed with new media in academia now. One of the participants is theorizing that deleting things is becoming obsolete ... which has so many implications in gaming and high-performance computing and basically everything. It's going to be amazing, so I hope that whatever they assign me to do involves my being able to hear everyone presenting papers.

That's the news. I ate a bunch of scrimps earlier, and now I am going to go to the gym and then possibly drink with the Class of 2006.

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