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This morning's tour.

Dec. 13th, 2002 | 08:12 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: Las Ketchup "Asereje" (though I haven't heard it in awhile)

Ack, the tour I gave this morning was ridiculous. Fortunately, I woke up at 9:45 or so, so by 11:00 I was awake enough to deal with it. It was raining, which wasn't fun, but Kellie lent me and some people on the tour (all of 8 people) giant Duke umbrellas. I was the only tour guide, but meh, the group was small. In any case, I had a mother who was asking the most random questions, including "How many bikes are there on campus?" and "Does anyone on campus know how many bricks make up all of the buildings?" I wanted to say, "No, we have lives" but of course I'm nice and just dealt with it ...

Also, my tour group existed of: a high school junior and his parents, the family of an early-decision acceptee (I may have gotten my families mixed up, but I don't think the kid was actually ON the tour, just his parents), a family whose daughter is at UNC, and a high school FRESHMAN and his parents. WTF??? The junior, okay. The family of the early decison kid, okay. But the freshman kid was TINY, and I really hope he isn't stressing about college already. But meh.

And because of the rain, I had to lead them through so many puddles ... at one point near the Chapel, there was just no sidewalk left, and they were kinda bothered about having to walk through there ... I was just like, "Uh, the weather is usually better than this ... except for now, and ... uh, last week too when we had that destructive icestorm." Funny stuff. But I touted the fact that we have a power supply that's almost impossible to shut down, and that Duke provided shelter and stuff for other people who didn't have power. Go optimism!

I'm sure there was more, but I don't care anymore. Then I picked up my check, went to lunch with Stephen, deposited my check, met Dan's mom and grandma, then went to Ninth Street and shopped for books for hours. I got stuff! Presents for Dad and Earl, and a magazine for me. Woo. And it was all fairly cheap too.

Then dinner with Stephen and Jillian ... and that was the day. Oh, and since I update like my ass, I did finish my Cultural Anthropology paper at last, and turned it in about an hour before it was due. Big relief. And my last day of work was uneventful, except for the fact that they REALLY need to give me a freaking password since I use computers every single day ... but I don't have to deal with that again until January 14.

And party tonight! Yay.

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