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Last Last Minute ...

Dec. 12th, 2002 | 02:22 am
mood: workingworking
music: I don't think I want to say ...

I spent all day reading research and writing a monstrous outline for my ten page paper ... now I just have to write it, which I'm going to start as soon as I finish this entry. I wish I'd budgeted more time for this, but I think it will still turn out to be a pretty decent paper. Let's see ...

For anyone who wondered, my most recent entry was not written by me but by Alexis ... and NOBODY NOTICED until eleven hours later ... ha.

I just spent about four hours in the other commons room, first outlining and putting sources in their respective places in the outline, then talking with everyone assembled about SHARE and drugs and how we ought not be qualified to hold interventions, studying abroad, and so much more ... that's really the best therapy for all my bad moods. This time it was stress, but usually it cures depression. Either way, friends = cure-all. Woo.

I ate so much freaking food today, it was ridiculous. Kinda like last year, cos I scrunched three meals into a 9-hour stretch of the day. But Alexis did pay for my and Stephen's food from Grace's ... yay! And the leftovers sit in my fridge, but for how long? Probably until I get about halfway through the paper, then I'll eat them, I think.

I also went to work, which was decent. The wonderful geographic-diddly database is working so slowly that I had to sit and stare at the monitor while it scrolled through names, but it wasn't all that bad, I guess. And I'm gonna miss all the people there when I truly do leave ... not even just speaking to them, but the general ambience when they're all around is cool. And some of them STILL don't have power ... so ridiculous. But Layne got a phone call while I was there, and she got power back!! WHOO!

Okay, I've blabbed enough ... this paper must get written, and then I'll be done with work for this semester!

Note to self: Private entry desperately needs to be written, with a Quote of the Day that cannot be printed here, too.

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