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Choco-choco nausea.

Dec. 3rd, 2002 | 09:46 pm
mood: artisticartistic
music: Bjork "Bella Simamaer"

So ... I just got back from the Coffeehouse for part of the animation thingy. Man, that version of Alice in Wonderland was insane, but I liked it. Go Czech animation!

I'm writing my policy memo that's due Friday ... I have to keep prodding myself to work cos I think I'm so ahead that I can afford to slack off, but that won't end well. In any case, I seem to be fairly on top of my work. The only problem is that I slept through my Culanth class this morning, so I have to find Jessie (or e-mail the professor and LIE, which I've avoided doing so far) and figure out what I'm supposed to review for the exam on Thursday. Blah. But tomorrow is the last day of Economics and Spanish!! WHOO!! I'm gonna celebrate in my own special way ...

I'm really glad we have a Subway on campus now ... yay. Turkey breast subs with provolone on Italian bread are the greatest thing ever.

My life has become uneventful enough that I have to laud sub sandwiches in my Livejournal ... haha.

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