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Living for Dook

Nov. 2nd, 2002 | 05:40 pm
mood: satisfiedsatisfied
music: Patsy Cline "I Fall To Pieces"

Recently I've felt like I've been exhibiting a lot more school pride than usual, and it's kinda fun. Last night I went to the men's soccer game against Wake Forest, and Weiting was also present. I enjoyed it, even though we lost, and am glad that I went cos there's only like one more home game left in the season ...

I gave my usual tour today, and it went really well too. Five people: my biggest tour ever! Ha ... there were two families, and as usual, they were really excited about Duke. I managed to impart my ridiculous amount of information, and was more enthusiastic than usual, probably cos I'm getting better at the actual touring so I can now focus on being the satisfied college student ... or something like that. I'm glad that these people like my tours though, cos I do love Duke, regardless of my petty (and some not-so-petty) complaints, and it's good that someone else notices that.

After that, I ate Rick's food (go hummus with fries!) while studying in a WEL study room, then I moved onto Perkins. I was in the computer lab, reading while monitoring online the progress of the football game vs. Clemson ... when I got there, we were tied at 24 with like 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Then Clemson scored again, and I thought that was it, but I kept monitoring the game anyway. So with less than three minutes to go, we scored and tied the game!! I absolutely freaked out and resolved to go to Wally Wade cos I was like, "There will be overtime ... and we might win." So I scooped up all my stuff and power-walked over there, along with a couple that was also running over ... it was cute. As soon as I walked in there, Clemson scored a field goal ... and at that point there were EIGHT SECONDS left, so we lost. Suck. But I'm glad that I at least got excited about our chance of winning and did something about it ... that made me feel more like a college student than ever. I wonder what last year really was for me cos I hardly felt like I was in college except when I went home and everyone asked "How's college?" ... so I've arrived, yay.

And now, for more college activities ...

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