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Proof that New Mexicans are truly of superior intellect and stuff ...

Oct. 29th, 2002 | 07:20 pm

Jonathan says:
it's raining over here and i don't want to go outside ever again
Dr. J says:
Dr. J says:
Ever huh
Dr. J says:
That would be pretty interesting
Jonathan says:
well, not til it stops raining, and when it rains here, it can last like 4 days
Dr. J says:
You should do it
Dr. J says:
I could tell everyone that I know you
Dr. J says:
You could be like the new "Buble Boy"
Jonathan says:
except without the bubble

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The last two days in way too much detail.

Oct. 29th, 2002 | 07:39 pm
mood: coldcold
music: Bjork "Bella Simamaer"

As evidenced by the last entry, I talked to James today ... he's so funny. And insane ... it'll be cool when he's back from Spain (whenever that is) so we can hang out again. Shit, by the next time I see him in person again, he might've already graduated from college, he so ambitious. Ha.

It's still raining ... and that sucks a lot. My joints are hurting off and on, and that makes we want to stay inside all the time, which most weather is incapable of doing to me. I'm hoping it will pass soon, and in the meantime am putting up with the claims of "Well, it's helping end our drought". I think almost half of my life (or something like that) in New Mexico was lived in a drought condition of varying severity, so I'm not really afraid of it. New Mexicans are insane, too ... yay!

I'm really surprised as to how much I accomplished yesterday and today (but especially yesterday). I woke up early on Monday, made it to Spanish on time, and we had a substitute. Her name was Lisa, and she was a really good teacher ... very, very descriptive in what she said and easy to understand ... nice too. So that started my day off right, and I proceeded to Econ, had no idea what the material was about, but neither did anyone else (and Prof. N said it was the hardest lecture of the semester) so I wasn't too concerned.

I immediately went to work after that in order to get out early for other things, and I got a new project, that being to scour the student section of the Duke 1989-90 phone book for more potential donors ... so I get to highlight a bunch of people, which is really dull, but I get to see everyone's addresses ... ooh! Ha, but seriously, it's really odd to see what Duke was like at the time, when freshmen lived on East, West, and Central, Decker Tower was a brand new dorm, and some guy named Blaine lived in my freshman dorm room. Odd.

After that, I went home, checked my e-mail, and set off to get a Central bus and meet my counselor-shadowing person in the apartment next to where Nate lived last year (it's a hospitality suite, ha). She was really nice, but they all left five minutes after I got there, so I went straight back to West to deal with AQUADuke stuff. I had to go to University Life and get a check done for our T-shirts ... I always feel really dumb when I go there cos I don't know how to do much stuff yet, but I'll get it eventually, I guess. (At this point, I still don't know if I have to pick up this check somewhere or if it will be mailed ... forgot to ask). Then I went over to the DukeCard office to get some FLEX forms to sell T-shirts for today ... I didn't appreciate the last-minute notice very much, but I got it done anyway.

And then I finally got to go home ... yay! I spent much of the afternoon and evening in the other commons room, which was a lot of fun and pretty rowdy for most of the time I was there. I did some homework and ate the mound of food I ordered from Cattleman's (and still didn't get through all of it), and generally enjoyed the company of Weiting, Sarah, Stephen, Alexis, Greta, and others who happened by. Whenever I feel lonely or other generally negative feelings, it's really good therapy to just sit in there for awhile and talk about the baby Weiting and I are gonna have ... or some equally random topic.

Um, is today worth writing about? Let me think ... Well, I took my counselor, whose name is Claudia and is from South Carolina, to my classes today. She seemed to enjoy them both, especially PPS cos it's just an awesome class for anyone to observe, in my opinion. I also shared plenty of Duke information with her and we went to the bookstore (or the "University store," to be nauseatingly accurate) and she bought a T-shirt for whichever one of her students will be exceptionally good, apparently. Then I took her to Chick-fil-a and went off to work from there ... despite how busy I am, I'm glad I got involved with this counselor shadowing cos it's good to meet someone new and show Duke to them ... by the time I graduate, I'll have toured hundreds of people around, probably. Woot.

I don't think anything else today is worth writing about ... this entry is long enough anyway, and I have homework.

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