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More about Fall Break

Oct. 15th, 2002 | 11:11 pm
mood: hyperhyper
music: TLC "Sillyho" from the pop CD I burned ... hee hee hee

I'm not really motivated to finish writing about my vacation, but I will anyway:

I'd intended to wake up pretty early to go out exploring UNM and Albuquerque on Saturday morning, but I didn't get up until 1:30 p.m., after being initially waken up by Josh and A.C. at 6:00 a.m. as they left to their band thing. After getting a little pissed about sleeping for so long, I checked my e-mails and my Livejournal, then decided to go to Coronado Mall rather than mope in A.C.'s room all day.

So I looked at some maps and then readied myself to cross a bunch of busy streets. I walked through a residential neighborhood with cute New Mexican houses and then up Carlisle for a whole bunch of blocks until I finally reached the K Mart with the great neon sign. I wandered all over looking at CDs (and I can't believe how crappy their music section is, but there was a HOT punk guy with blue hair that was about 17 in there ... nice) and shoes, but there weren't any good ones in my size. I ended up getting a bunch of boxers and black socks ... yay! And since I was wearing my NM School for the Deaf shirt, my cashier asked me "Do you sign?" in both spoken word and sign language. I told her it was just a shirt, but that REALLY made my day for some reason ... go New Mexico.

After that I went to the Burger King in the K Mart parking lot to eat before I got to the point of passing out. My total was $4.01 and I gave the cashier a ten, and she gave me six dollars in change ... yay again, even though I could have used the coins. The food was so good, considering I hadn't eaten a meal in almost 24 hours, and while I was there, I watched a hot 16-ish year old guy with a coordinating light blue outfit. Then I walked off north, over I-40 and turned onto Menaul toward the mall. At that point I was paranoid that I was gonna get hit by a car, but I made it over there all right, and it was closer than I thought, probably because it takes up a huge block by itself. So I went in and looked at music at Sam Goody, which was better than K Mart, but they didn't have any The Faint CDs either! Blast! But I bought the OK Go CD, and it was $9. That was extremely cool, esp. cos I didn't buy any other CDs because they were all $20.

Then I continued to a bunch of other stores looking for shoes and jeans. I got lost in the Foley's trying to figure out which level the mens' section was on, then I finally figured it out and tried on some jeans. Even though they were $40 (and that was the SALE price), I bought them anyway ... they are really nice. Then I went off to continue searching for shoes ... I went to five or six stores looking, then tried to go back to the Anchor Blue to buy Skechers but forgot where it was and made several lost loops around before I found it again. So I got clunky black buckle-up Skechers ... and I really like them ... but I'm still getting used to them and they hurt a bit.

After all that I bought a smoothie ... apparently Tropicana has little smoothie and ice cream shops now, which is kind of cool. I got a peach and apple smoothie and then started the trek back to UNM ... I went on some random street (I think it was Cutler, but I'm not sure) and ended up in a very weird area right next to I-40 that was kind of deserted and I had trouble getting around an arroyo ... I thought the sidewalk went down next to the arroyo and had stairs to go up to the bridge I needed to get to, but it didn't. When I figured it out, I got on Carlisle and walked all the way to the Walgreen's on Lomas ... I bought film and a Snapple and was going to ask for Chris (since he wasn't in sight) but was so tired I figured I'd come back.

I finally got to A.C.'s dorm and relaxed for a good long while, then went online researching Walgreen's and realized I had gone to the wrong one anyway. So after a bit, off I went to the Walgreens on Central, by which time it was very cold and windy, plus I went through the campus to try and orient myself to it and got slightly lost. But I eventually got there and bought Gummi Savers ... Chris was the only cashier, and I waited until he didn't have a billion people to check out to approach him. It was pretty weird to see him for the first time in person for the first time in 14 months, especially cos he didn't really look all that different. I don't know what I was expecting, really. We talked inbetween customers, and I gave him A.C.'s phone number so we could get together the next day ... and after about five minutes of conversation, I left. That was a really fun interaction, if short.

As I was crossing Central a limo pulled up to the red light, and the people in it started yelling out the window, and it was directed at me, it turns out. I didn't think I was doing anything unusual, save for walking like I just got ass-fucked because I was so sore from walking all day, so I figured they were just drunk and/or excited, and I yelled back, "First time in a limo, is it?" ... then as I was crossing the other street at that intersection, some people in an SUV started yelling at me. I was perplexed, so I yelled "First time in an SUV, is it?" at them ... ha ha.

When I made it back to Santa Ana, all three entrances were locked for the first time, so as I sat down by the door I usually used to wait, there was another guy there, also locked out. He asked if I lived here, and I said that I was just visiting for the weekend, and he asked where from, so we ended up talking. His name was Joe, he was from Albuquerque, and he was really hot! Plus he was wearing shorts, so even though he was freezing, all the better to gawk at him. Anyway, we spent about half an hour talking about how he wants to go to business scohol on the East Coast, maybe transfer to Maryland, and just about colleges in general, which was a really interesting conversation. Plus how I got into Duke, what Duke was like, and all kinds of junk like that. Eventually, we found someone to let us in the dorm, and he asked for my e-mail address so he could ask me what I knew about business school at UNC, which is like nothing, but I gave it to him anyway ... so I met someone randomly, yay.

When I got upstairs, I was kinda embarrassed to see that A.C. and Josh were already there, but they said they'd just gotten in five minutes ago through the other entrance, so I couldn't have avoided waiting outside for most of the time I did, apparently. A.C. was so tired that he wanted to go immediately to bed, and he did so, but Josh was hungry and asked if I wanted to go to The Frontier with him. By now, The Frontier had become legendary in my mind, and I was hungry too, so I said yes. We walked down to Central in a very short amount of time cos he actually knows how to get around campus, ha, and it's an awesome restaurant! In addition to being open 24 hours, it looks like a giant barn from the outside, and the walls inside are filled with kitschy paintings and light fixtures in every available space. I ordered a giant smothered burrito and was really happy with it ... it was awesome! Plus we both got tortillas with honey, which is apparently included with every order ... whoo hoo! That was the best meal ever cos it was warm and I was cold, and it was my one taste of Mexican food for the trip ... yay. We spent a long time there talking and rehashing the stupid Simpsons trivia quotes from the night before ... ha, those were great.

Finally, we went back and Josh went to bed, but I decided to take a shower to warm up. The showers in Santa Ana were extremely odd. They do have a little anteroom where you can change and put your stuff (like all dorm bathrooms should), but the shower area has no light, so it's like showering in a cave. Plus the showerhead was so old that all the water combined into one giant stream, so it was like a really high bath faucet, ha ha. But it warmed up very well ... and then I went to bed.

On Sunday, I woke up before Josh and A.C. did, at about 10:00, and checked my e-mails and LJ and generall messed around on the internet for awhile. Eventually, as promised, Chris called to ask about getting together with him, and we decided I needed to call Tracey. So after awhile I called her, and she was stressing out about doing her 12-page paper, but said that we should get together so she can de-stress. After awhile, I called Chris back and he said he would come to pick me up, so I fixed me hair (cos it looked frightening), bundled up, and went outside. It was pretty cold, but in a nice way, I guess ... I didn't realize it, but I'm ready for fall and winter to come, more or less.

After about twenty minutes, he finally showed up and we drove over to Tracey and Alegre's apartment in the SRC. That place (or places, it's several buildings) is awesome, cos the apartment entrances are from interior corridors, so it's like an apartment building, and it's really new, so nice. Chris called Tracey on his cell phone as we got there and she came to let us in and took us down the hall to their place. It's a pretty nice apartment too, which is cool. She and Alegre got coats, and we decided that we should go to the Olive Garden for lunch. So we drove over there, which was interesting cos Chris drives really fast, but surprisingly I trusted him not to get in a wreck.

Lunch was pretty funny cos Tracey couldn't decide what she wanted cos her stress had made her so nauseous, plus we had stupid conversations about tossing salad ... immature antics aside, it was really awesome salad. And we all randomly decided to take pictures over lunch, so we dirtied the wine glasses on the table pretending we had drinks ... as far as food, the breadsticks and the eggplant parmigiana I had were really good ... yay! But the tea was unsweet ... this is not acceptable, how will I live in Albuquerque without sweet tea??? Ha, it's not that big of a deal. We also speculated as to who has the dirtiest mind and settled on Chris, though I'm not sure if Tracey and Alegre know half of what I do, in which case I definitely vote for Chris. Despite the fact that the waiter was kind of hurrying us along, it was a really good and relaxing lunch.

We drove back to Tracey and Alegre's apartment, and stayed sitting in there for a long time, recovering from all the food and taking pictures. In deciding that we wanted fun pictures, we opted to lift Chris up for whatever reason, which was funny because Tracey had to set the timer on the camera and then run over so we could fling Chris into the air ... I'm surprised we didn't drop him. And we had to do this with two cameras, yeah. Eventually, we hugged goodbye and Chris and I left, and he dropped me off back at A.C.'s dorm, and said that he would call me later on. So yay for seeing all of them!

When I got upstairs, A.C. and Josh were newly awake and playing the random colonize-Earth computer game, which was funny cos I got to run back and forth between their computers like a 6-year old at his dad's poker game and compare ... not like I really knew what I was looking for, but it was still interesting. After A.C.'s computer absolutely died, he asked what I had on the agenda for that day, and I mentioned that he ought to take me on a tour of UNM, so we left to do that as Josh went back to sleep. I managed to put together the layout of the campus, finally. I'd had trouble with it on Friday and Saturday because I've only really been around some of the main buildings, and not at all around the dorms before this weekend. I took some pictures too, and we walked around the almost-completed SUB, which is gonna be really, really nice when it's finally done next semester. But for now, it's surrounded by fence, so we couldn't even go near it to look inside.

On the way back A.C. stopped at the cute little grocery store (which actually is bigger than most of the little stores at Dook) to buy food ... then we went back into his room and he played more computer games while I attempted to fit all my new things into my suitcase and backpack. It was a long ordeal, but I managed okay. The sun set while we were in the room, and then it got eerily dark outside very quickly (so many adverbs! ha) ... I didn't quite understand it. After hours of general loafing and computer game madness, we became hungry and decided to go off to Denny's, so we walked down to Central and did that ... I love the convenience, I love it good! Anyway, Josh told us about the last time he was there, when the waiter asked him how he wanted his eggs and he replied "cooked", and received them half-fried and half-scrambled.

It turned out that that waiter was there, so Josh requested him, and I'm glad he did. His name is Miguel, and he was really hot! Unfortunately, Josh continued to be difficult, so our waiters switched in the middle of our time there, and the new guy said Miguel was getting ready to go home, but I don't think that was the case. Curse you, short boy!! Just kidding ... so being at Denny's was really cool cos there were so many fun people there ... punk-looking kids and old Hispanic couples and diverse groups of people, just people that I don't see much of living in North Carolina and being at Dook. So I decided to order one of Denny's fun itemized salads, this time with grilled chicken on top, and we all drooled at the thought of what we ordered ... and it took a very long time for our food to come, but that was probably cos Miguel was tired of taking shit ... poor guy. But we had lots of fun conversations about high school and cooking classes and so on, and we finally got our food! Despite the fact that my salad was warm, it was very good, especially with lots of Ranch dressing ... and the chicken wasn't just grilled ... it was like super-extra-chargrilled-and-then-breaded-in-ashes ... so good!

After we'd paid and crossed Central, we walked back to A.C.'s dorm marvelling at how cold it was already, which I kind of like, I think. Eventually we determined that Josh needed to go to his apartment, so we piled into his car and drove off through the streets just like Friday night, and with just as little traffic as there had been that night ... which is good, what's up with the Triangle's traffic never letting up? Ha. Anyway, we got in there and watched Josh look around hopelessly for whatever it was that he needed, and we sat down and I attempted to help A.C. with his homework while Josh cleaned and organized his bills. A.C. was supposed to write fake letters to GQ and The Village Voice about some of the stuff he's done in his English class, so I helped him along with some thoughts, and he was like "I wish I had gone to Duke" ... meh, you can still come to this university and be completely lost, but it's nice to hear that I've learned something.

After that, we started watching Shrek and ended up seeing the whole thing from some middle point in the movie, and I realized that I had never seen all of it before ... go figure. Then Josh mentioned why he has a subscription to Hustler (for the political cartoons ... okay, they're good but they're not THAT good), and we started looking at them, which was just funny. Porn is so ... pretentious, I guess. And after that wonderful sequence of events, we went on back to A.C.'s dorm, listening to Eminem very loudly in the car.

--Darwin Awards!

General Things to Talk About:
-State of friendships with Chris, Tracey, Alegre, and AC (esp. re Chris: his hand on my knee, asking if AC is "in the same field as us") ... saveable and intriguing to see where they'll go in the future
-Meeting new people: Josh and Joe
-How cool Alexis is
-Being in New Mexico again ... wanting to come back after grad. ... good Mexican food too! (Frontier burrito)

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