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Oct. 13th, 2002 | 12:26 am
mood: excitedexcited
music: OK Go "What To Do" (I bought their CD today)

Okay, I have no idea how much of the last couple days' events I will get written now, but I figure it's a good idea to at least write SOMETHING while I'm here, cos I have plenty of free time ... plus I have so much homework to tackle when I get back to Dook. So, starting before I left ...

Friday morning wasn't really very interesting, but I did stay up all night cos I slept so much Thursday afternoon. I don't know when it started raining, but it poured for hours ... so at 5:00 a.m., when I'd finished packing and needed to do errands, I bundled up and tried to go to the ATM in the Bryan Center, but it was locked. Since when is the Bryan Center closed? I was puzzled, and pissed cos I was soaking wet ... so I went back to my room and changed, got one hour of sleep, and ventured out again at about 8:00. First I went to Rick's and stuffed myself with omelet, then to the BC again ... it was open the second time. Then, soaking wet, I went to Spanish class and had a hard time paying attention to what was going on.

I went back to Decker, changed AGAIN, and decided that I really didn't want to go to work, so I called Allison and said West Campus was flooded ... she didn't mind. Then I slept some more! It was very nice ... from about 11:00 til 1:00, I drifted in and out of sleep and in general tried to stay warm while talking to people on IM (so if I didn't respond for a good while, Alexis, you know why).

Finally, I got up and finished my last-minute packing, talked to Sarah and Alexis briefly, and cleaned my room a bit so Dan didn't have to jump over my stuff. Then I left up to Main West, and thankfully it was hardly raining at all ... I got on the RDU bus with about 5 other people, and it didn't pick up anyone on Central, so I thought we were gonna have plenty of space ... NO. More than 20 people got on the bus on East, so it was packed full of people and luggage ... Oriana was one of them, so she sat with me and we talked about flying out to other places and she asked me billions of questions about the airport and driving in NC.

When I got to the airport, check-in was ridiculously easy cos America West had like ONE flight going out that day ... yay for expanding to new airports! So I sat down somewhere and drank a Diet Coke, and thought about nothing at all, except all the hot guys I saw at the airport. Then I went through security, and shot off to the A&W for food ... I hope they have those at some place other than the airport in NC, cos I like them a lot. So I went off to whatever gate I was supposed to be at, and got on my plane. I thought I would be really uncomfortable on the plane cos the flight was 4 hours and 15 minutes, and the longest flight I'd ever previously been on was 3 hours, and I wasn't too happy about it (scoff at me here, international travelers ... I have no patience at all). But it actually wasn't bad ... I read a magazine, listened to music, and stared at things to pass the time, and wasn't really freaked out until the end, cos we were late landing in Phoenix and I didn't want to miss my next flight. It was kinda funny, though, cos after we drove up to the gate, the pilot came on the intercom and was like: "It seems we've surprised the people at this gate, so we're waiting on someone to connect us to the airport." That was great ...

So I eventually did get out of the plane, and I walked like mad to get to the other gate ... later, when I checked a map, I realized that I had had to walk two full concourses to get there, but I was going so fast that I didn't really notice at the time (plus there were moving walkways ... fun). The plane was gonna close in like ten minutes, so I thought it would be full, but it definitely wasn't ... a little more than half-full, which was nice because my first flight had been oversold, ha.

I guess as sort of fate's reward for sitting through a four-hour flight, the one to Albuquerque was so short. They said the flying time was 50 minutes, but because it takes so long to get up high and then come back down, it seemed extremely short. Also, Phoenix from the air at night is GORGES! (Tee hee, I like that expression.) It's really huge, but the streets are typical of a Western or Midwestern city ... really straight and regular, something North Carolina could learn from, ha. It was a very cool sight ... and today, I found out that a small plane had crashed into a trailer park in Phoenix that day ... interesting coincidence.

When I landed in ABQ, I called AC and we arranged where we were gonna meet ... then I went down to get my baggage (which they hadn't even bothered to put on the carousel thingy cos there were so few of us) and was happy that it was still intact. It was SO full that I thought the zipper was going to bust en route ...

I also thought that it was gonna be a pain to get a taxi at 9:30 p.m., when there aren't many people in the ABQ airport (and it was pretty deserted), but there were lots outside. So I got one and the guy drove me to UNM, while we talked about what I was doing here and what I was studying, etc. ... he was really nice, plus his taxi was all new and it smelled good. And UNM wasn't as far from the airport as I thought ... always a good thing. So the guy dropped me off in the general area where I was supposed to be, and then I wandered around until I figured it out. Since I had awhile until A.C. was gonna meet me, I went into his dorm (the door was propped, not even locked) and put my stuff in his room. Like he had said, his friend Josh was in there, so I was like "Hi, I'm Jonathan ... I'm staying here for the weekend, I don't know if A.C. told you about me ... nice to meet you", put my stuff down, and went back out. I think he was kinda freaked out about that, but I was in a random mood.

So I went back to the rendez-vous area and sat on top of a picnic table waiting for him ... I was really proud that I had made it over here of my own volition, planning the trip and all. A lot of people that passed by were probably kind of freaked out that I was sitting on top of a picnic table, looking like I was posing for a magazine cover or something. AC finally came, and was on his phone with Beth, so I talked to her for a bit, and then we went back to his room, actually introduced me to Josh, and we talked. He's really cool, and I'll have more to say about him later.

After awhile, we all went in Josh's car to his apartment somewhere off campus (like I could recount where the hell we went) and he gathered up everything he needed to stay the night at AC's ... his apartment was great ... a huge mess with papers everywhere and not much furniture to speak of, but he had like five game systems, yay! He also picked up his Simpsons trivia game (he and AC are both absolutely obsessed), and when we got back, we asked each other impossible questions about the Simpsons, and I actually got a few right. Go me!

We did that until about 3:00 a.m., and then finally went to bed ... I slept in A.C.'s armchair, which was comfortable, and I'll write about today tomorrow (if that makes sense).

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Note to Self

Oct. 13th, 2002 | 01:37 am

Topics for the next entry on ABQ:
-being back in NM for a while
-and the general events that went on
-Simpsons quotes:

--"Mount Bellyache"
--"George Washington Carver"
--"brown and water"

--quote from Rick's: "Wow, I'm impressed! They have biscuits ... and stuff."

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