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Oct. 5th, 2002 | 07:05 pm
mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable
music: Sublime "What I've Got"

Some fun and some scary things have happened recently. Last night we had Hair Dyeing Night, and I bleached my hair, so now it's like mustard yellow. It actually looks really good! I can't wait to put gel in it and make it look scary.

Last night, I went to Grace's for dinner with Sarah, Alexis, and Stephen, followed by stopping for Sarah to buy cigarettes, then we went to rent some movies. We got L.I.E. and Zoolander, and Alexis, Stephen, and I ended up watching them in the commons room ... they were both pretty good, and I have no other comments about them, save the Quote of the Day.

Later in the night, Alexis and I went for a walk around West and ended up in our seat by the Chapel talking about our friends, the state of SHARE, our friends at other colleges, the strange on-campus life at Duke, and where we want to live in the future. It was a really good conversation that lasted about two and a half hours, the last of it at the bus stop where everyone else was pretty incapacitated by alcohol.

Today, West Campus is scary ... I went to the Bryan Center to mail my letter to Jerry, and just about everyone is barbecuing. KA, in their continuing sad attempt to be both visible and venerated by everyone, lugged a big screen TV out in front of their bench ... my immediate thought was "Are they attempting to act like white trash?" ... I was confused. Also, the scary fraternity guys in black gowns doing stupid arm gestures as they walked around the quad were back ... I didn't miss them, nor do I understand what the fuck they're doing, but I did flip one of them off. Ha ha ...

There was also Guns 'N Roses and Brooks & Dunn blaring from the WEL, a pack of cackling guys on bicycles, and thousands of visitors ... the alumni came home for homecoming, how appropriate. I, however, plan to not leave my room for the rest of the night cos I don't feel like being subjected to that again.

Quote of the Day - "Oh, snap!"
--I now understand why Sarah's sister liked that movie so much ... I think

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