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Fun things

Sep. 2nd, 2002 | 07:48 pm
mood: relaxedrelaxed
music: The Hives "Hate to Say I Told You So":I don't like this song

I have some really difficult homework that I need to get to, so this is gonna be a short entry, but ... it's worth writing. Last night, after I devoted as much time as I could stand to homework, we had a sort of mattress party. Greta, Sarah, and I stole it from the commons room next to my room and dragged (or drug?? whatever the past tense of "drag" is) it to the other one, followed by jumping on it and the couches in there. We also set it up against the wall and ran into it as fast as we could ... great fun. But the best thing to do with a mattress laying on the ground is to sit in a chair right in front of it and tip backwards onto the mattress ... yeah, I'm less mature now than I was when I was 10, but it's fun! Wei-ting and Toby also joined in the fun ...

Today it was back to classes, which I got through pretty well. And I was supposed to start working at Development again today but when I walked over there, the parking lot was empty and the doors were locked. It took me a second to remember that this is Labor Day, so I don't have to start working until tomorrow! Whee! So I went to Perkins and did some of my homework ... it went well.

After that, I hung out with Sarah and Alexis as they ordered food from Int'l Delights, which arrived in 20 minutes or less ... very cool. Then I went to East Campus to pick up my FAClets for our dinner ... GA is still really freaking hot, but I managed to collect five of them! Whoo hoo! A quorum! Including Shannon, the girl that I hadn't seen since freshman move-in day ... I didn't even recognize her at first. So we went over to the lovely Marketplace and had a good dinner, even though it was packed cos the freshmen all go to dinner at the same freaking time. We had good conversations, and I'm getting to know them better, so yay for that! I'm hoping we can go to the next men's soccer game on Sunday. Also in good FAClet news, Seema (the 9th FAClet) finally arrived from Singapore! She got here last Wednesday, the day that I called the International Office about her, so now she can participate in events too!

Okay, I really have to go start my homework now ... but in closing, the sun finally came out today! First time in about 8 days ... go sun.

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