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I go out on weekends now?

Sep. 1st, 2002 | 04:35 pm
mood: goodgood
music: whatever Dan left on the stereo

Last night was pretty interesting ... as promised, I went with Stephen and his friend Zack to Legends. It took us forever to actually get to that point though. First Stephen was considering not going cos he had a huge headache, but that got better, so we just had to wait on Zack. I pre-partied by myself with Stephen's vodka while we waited, and finally we went out to meet him. He's got this great sweepingly combed hair that I liked ... anyway, he drove us out to Central to get Stephen's car and then we drove back to Decker to decide what Zack was gonna wear ... which got interesting. But we finally made it out of Decker and went to the ATM to get money. By then I was pretty damn drunk, and we had interesting conversations on the way to Raleigh. Particularly fun was the fact that I had to pee really badly and Stephen stopped in a parking lot so I could take care of that. It was so dark that I almost fell into a river at the edge of the lot, which would have been a great addition to the evening.

At long last we made it to Legends and I almost didn't get in because they supposedly only accept out-of-state drivers' licenses and not ID cards, but I got in anyway, with Xs on my hands and a giant orange bracelet. As for Legends, it's pretty much what I expected ... full of horny, pretentious guys but not really threatening, and a place that does have the potential for fun. For awhile, the three of us stood around talking and waiting for Brian and David, whom we were expecting. Eventually, they showed up and we had the typical chat about who's gay at Duke and who among them was present. Eventually we went out to the dance floor and I danced for a long time, which was actually more fun than dancing at the Alpha party cos I didn't know most of those assembled and therefore didn't care what I looked like (plus the vodka ... yeah).

There were some pretty hot guys there, but I surprisingly was not drooling over them. I think that had to do with my attitude going in there, that being a "This may or may not be a place that I like, so I'm testing the waters" kind of thing. Overall, though, I had plenty of fun, and I got to see Brian Schroeder shirtless ... that's not a bad thing at all.

A little past 2:00 a.m. I got my (now kind of useless) ID back and we left for Durham ... when I got back I tried to buy a ginger ale but the machine gave me an orange soda (whether or not I pressed the wrong button I don't remember, but it's possible). It quenched my thirst, but combined with the alcohol and the acetaminophen that was already in my stomach, I felt horrible and could only cure it by going to bed.

Today I managed to get up at 10:30, got ready, and hiked up to the bus stop in an attempt to catch the 10:45 bus to East Campus for Mass ... I was roughly ten seconds too late, so I decided that I should start running and try to catch it when it came back down to Campus Drive from Central. I'd never tried that before and I didn't think it was gonna work, but it did! I even arrived a minute before the bus ... so I was proud to be on time for Mass ... the White Lecture Hall is not really ideal for a church service but we dealt with it all right, and after that I came back for the SHARE meeting.

A lot of members actually came to the meeting, especially those who don't live with us, like Nate, Paola, Anne, Duke, Blocher, and Shawn (even though he already graduated ... I knew he was a senior!) Anyway, we munched on bagels and decided what we're gonna do with our year, and it conveniently fit in an hour. I marched over to Koskinen Stadium when it was over to watch the remainder's of the men's soccer game. We won 3-0, but all three goals had been scored by the time I got there, so I just got to watch Georgia-Southern get really angry and both sides fake serious injuries. Then I studied a bit in Perkins, and here we are ... now off to finish my homework.

Quote of the Day - "Let's see, there's 24 of us, so 48 hands can give him a super-wedgie."
--Alexis, on a candidate for Edens Quad President that we're not too fond of

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