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Going Back to Duke, Part 2

Aug. 24th, 2002 | 11:56 am
mood: excitedexcited
music: Texas Tornadoes "Guacamole"

One of the most important factors in my being happy here at Duke is my friends, hence: SHARE:

I've been looking forward to living in SHARE for months and months, ever since I had to live in GA with a bunch of alcoholic, disrespectful, womanizing jerks (and a few cool kids, like my current roommate). I longed for the day when I wouldn't find that people had written "Shit's gay" on my message board and wouldn't bounce basketballs against my door at 3:00 a.m., and that day was Monday. Whoo hoo!

I've been really happy with living arrangements in the first week. In addition to the fact that I have more than one friend in my hall, these kids actually have respect ... imagine that, tee hee. On Monday, while the first people were here and moving in, we all went into each other's rooms to look at decorations and furniture arrangements, which is not at all unusual in dorms, but I didn't experience much of that last year. I also got to see everyone that I hadn't seen in SO long! Sarah and Kelly and Alexis and Dan and Kyle and Greta and Toby and others ... woot!

The best thing I've done with SHARE so far was on Tuesday night. Stephen, one of our seniors who returned from a year abroad, invited like everyone to his room to drink some, so Kyle, Stephen, Alex Whisnant, her boyfriend Michael (from Beta), his friend Nic, Stephen's friend Keri Beth, and I gathered in his room to play drinking games. We played Kings, which is great but hard to remember all of the rules, and then abandoned that for Never Have I Ever ... yay! All that made for four hours of revealing what happened when half the assembled went to the School of Science and Math in high school, who's had sex where (including phone and cyber), and lots of other juicy details. I haven't drank since, but that's fine by me ... so you see, Duke kids, moderation can be fun!

I don't really need to elaborate on the great things we'll be doing this year now cos they'll be detailed in this journal as they happen, but they're gonna be great. I'm SO glad I'm not a freshman anymore, tee hee ... especially cos I've been around them a lot as a FAC this week. And that'll be the subject of the next of these wonderful entries ... stay tuned.

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