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So many random things:

Apr. 25th, 2002 | 10:09 pm
mood: restlessrestless
music: Bjork "Possibly Maybe"

yesterday was our Writing 20 go-out-to-dinner day in honor of the last class ... it was pretty cool cos we went to this place called the Pan Pan (it was SO cool ... very much the South I'd like to see more of) ... i rode over there with Brianna in her cousin's really nice Jeep Cherokee and we talked about random crap and where we're gonna live next year ... and we had fun conversations at the table, like about what we're gonna do this summer ... but i discovered that Kelly thinks i know absolutely nothing about Durham or the South, which makes me sad cos there are some things i do know ... i haven't been sheltered on campus the whole damn year ... *sigh*, oh well

on the way back, Brianna and I had a fun time talking about why we're glad this class is finally over ... particularly that Jesse is WAY too dedicated to his hometown and to being Southern ... see the quote, it's fucking HILARIOUS!!

today wasn't too memorable, thankfully relaxing after i finished my writing paper and got my shift out of the way ... tonight we went and saw the Film and Video classes' movies ... they were pretty cool, tho EXTREMELY random in some cases ... oh well ..

People of the Day - Sarah, Alexis, Eddie, John, Jon, Kyle, Paola, Anne, Ian, and all the SHARE contigent we sat with, plus Anne Lee! i haven't seen her in so long!

Quote of the Day - "He'd probably be like, 'You're all going to hell!' and then get up and go eat fried chicken or something."
--Brianna, speculating on what Jesse would do if we told him that she's not so religious and Deedee's boyfriend is black and I'm gay ... ha ha ... gosh, we liberals are mean ... oh well

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