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a survey to use up time that i don't have, but it'll be reflective!

Apr. 23rd, 2002 | 06:12 am
mood: busybusy
music: Pansy Division "Political Asshole"

15 years ago, I:
1. was three years old
2. spent a lot of time arguing with my brothers
3. didn't do much (i was 3!)
4. was a year away from learning to read
5. **don't remember more**

10 years ago, I:
1. was eight years old
2. was in 3rd grade (oh, the horror)
3. had sucky friends who made fun of me (and one good friend ... go Billy!)
4. discovered i was colorblind, but didn't really care
5. had a birthday party in my class

5 years ago, I:
1. was 13 years old
2. was a freshman in high school
3. lost my old friends and made new ones
4. was insecure and began discovering boys
5. first came out to some of my friends (meaning the entire school found out)

2 years ago, I:
1. was 16 years old
2. was a junior in high school
3. finally became friends again with all the above-mentioned who i had either stopped hanging out with or had treated me badly in the past
4. was more or less secure about being gay
5. listened to music non-stop

1 year ago, I:
1. was 17 and a HS senior
2. finally really liked high school
3. partied and went out like i'd always wanted to
4. came out to more of my friends (who were good enough not to trust third-hand rumors they had heard years before)
5. was applying to far away colleges to get away from stifling small town life

Yesterday, I:
1. ate WAY too much
2. was depressed about the status of my group of my friends
3. slept a lot
4. missed my boyfriend (like every day)
5. listened to lots of Bjork and Pansy Division

Today, I: (it's 6 in the morning, so this category is my current identity, and the "Tomorrow, I" will be what i'm gonna do today)
1. am a freshman in college at Dook
2. am disillusioned by the attitudes of some college kids
3. have learned more than i ever thought i would
4. miss New Mexico but really like North Carolina
5. have awesome friends

Tomorrow, I: (today, remember ... hee hee)
1. will go to my second-to-last day of classes *yay*
2. will try to eat better
3. will start packing and shipping home all my junk
4. will still miss my boyfriend (i'm SO mushy)
5. will stop the drama

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. tortilla chips and sour cream
2. broccoli (and carrots and cauliflower) with Ranch dressing ... the free sample lady at Food Lion helped me out!
3. little Reese's cups
4. Jujubes (though they take a LOT of effort to chew)
5. Ben & Jerry's and frappucinos from the East Campus store ... bad habits

5 songs i know ALL the words to even without music:
1. Everclear "Father of Mine"
2. Third Eye Blind "Wounded"
3. Incubus "Make Yourself"
4. Bjork "Gling Glo" (well, not all of it, but considering it's in Icelandic, i think i do pretty well with it)
5. Dixie Chicks "Goodbye Earl" (the best country song EVER!)

5 Games i like:
1. The Crotch Game (haha)
2. Monopoly
3. Hangman (we played it entirely too often in high school)
4. counting cars at work
5. Yahtzee ... so many dice

5 things i would do with $1000
1. fly my friends/family out to visit me
2. buy my new computer
3. visit my boyfriend over the summer (second to last time i mention him, i promise!)
4. pay some tuition
5. not work next fall so i could dye my hair like i want to

5 Bad Habits I have: (some are more like psychological problems ... yikes)
1. hiding behind shyness to not talk to people
2. oversleeping
3. procrastinating
4. co-dependence (though it's gotten a lot better)
5. overeating

5 things i would never wear:
1. trashy drag
2. shoes that hurt
3. those stupid jeans that are pre-stained ... they look like shit, people! and you can achieve THAT look by rubbing dirt into regular jeans!
4. polo shirts ... *shudders*
5. ugly-ass formal shoes that should belong on considerably older people

5 shows i like:
1. Seinfeld
2. ER
3. Will & Grace
4. Ally McBeal (canceled ... Peter MacClintock or whatever his name is wields power!)
5. the first few Real Worlds

5 places i've lived:
1. Las Vegas, New Mexico
2. Durham, North Carolina
3. that's all, but i WANT to live in: Miami, FL ...
4. San Diego, CA or ...
5. Hotlanta

My 5 biggest fears/worries at the moment:
1. not finding a job this summer and being poor for the next year
2. that this summer will suck at home
3. that my group of friends won't come back together
4. that waiting for my BF for eight months was a bad idea
5. not choosing a major that i'll end up liking

My 5 biggests joys at the moment:
1. the awesome weather
2. being almost done with my freshman year
3. the encouragement of my family
4. my independence (and refusal to conform! whoo!)
5. music ... lots of it

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