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flaming shoes

Apr. 13th, 2002 | 03:01 pm
mood: mischievousmischievous
music: songs i find very annoying are stuck in my head ...

yesterday was unique ... only way to describe it ... it was my day to register for classes so i woke up at 6:30 and trudged down to the computer lab ... i did get three of my classes, but the public policy one had me 13th on the waiting list ... so i switched to another section and that put me 6th on the waiting list ... oy ... but i checked it today and apparently a lot of people gave up cos i'm 2nd on the waiting list now! whoo hoo!

i went back to bed at 8 cos my writing class was canceled, woke up at 11, and decided not to go to spanish either (there're my five allowable absences) ... i did eventually get up and go to biology class and work tho ... go me! haha ...

after that, i went to sarah's room and she and alexis were reading scary books that sarah got at a used bookstore and sarah was trying to fill in the crossword puzzle again ... difficulties ... eventually, eddie came and we invited Ian and all went to The Loop for dinner, where Nate happened along and we talked with him about his desire to have a "vain corner" for himself at SHARE next year ... hrm ...

on the way back to east, we all decided to stop at SHARE ... we visited John, who was watching TV and saw such frightening things as America's Funniest Videos, the WB, and the WB news ... we were all pretty bewildered cos most of us have seen very little TV since we got here, and i don't think i'll be watching much of it in the future, which is good ...

we in fact got so bored that John took out lighter fluid and started burning things ... he managed to light a knife on fire, as well as a small part of the couch ... then we took things to a higher level and decided to burn his broken flip flops on the porch ... it was quite entertaining, so he wrote his name in lighter fluid on the concrete and got that burning, which basically is a blue trail of fire that travels through the letters ... it was cool ... then we threw his shoes from the third floor down to the ground, getting melted plastic stuck to Paola's porch in the process ... and of course we went downstairs and burnt more stuff, including newspapers, a bra that Anne didn't like, and some grass ... yeah, fun stuff ... eventually, we went back to east campus and watched Family Guy, then i went to bed ... and i'm still trying to make sense of the damn day ... ha ha

People of the Day - Alexis, Eddie, Sarah, John, Ian, Nate, Paola, and Anne
Boy of the Day - hrm ... tough choice ... i don't know ...
Quote of the Day - "Why the hell did you pull my string?!"
--Nate, on what his doll would say if a Nate pull-string doll were made

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