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good mail!

Apr. 9th, 2002 | 08:14 pm
mood: chipperchipper
music: nothing in particular ...

so i went to check my mail at like 4:30 this afternoon and i got two things: a postcard from Jerry, and the letter saying that i get to be a FAC next year! yay!

Jerry's postcard was just really happy and reflective, and he wants me to register for his House Course that he's gonna teach about "breaking queer boundaries" but i just don't WANT to do a house course ... i might change my mind tho ... but at this point, i have a PPS section scheduled for the night that it's on, so i can easily change it if i want, or leave it there if i don't ... in any case, it's always good to hear from him!

um, so i will be a FAC! i have an intro meeting next week, and the rest of the duties will start with writing letters to my FAClets and their parents in July ... and i have to be back at Dook on August 19 by 2 pm to start with orientation, so that means i have from 10:08 pm on August 17 til 2 pm on the 19th to be with Jerry ... Outer Banks trip? that's what he said he wanted to do! yay!

okay, must finish homework ... it always seems like i'm ahead but then i never quite catch up ...

People of the Day - Sarah, Eddie, Alexis, and Ian
Boy of the Day - Jerry
Quote of the Day - I forgot them all ...

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