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Let the Spring Break begin! Ho-yeah!

Mar. 9th, 2002 | 02:34 am
mood: happyhappy
music: Rufus Wainwright "April Fools"

Well, yay! I'm leaving for the airport in like 10 and a half hours ... now i just have to get some sleep ... anyway, today was quite fun cos Anne, Sarah, Ian, Alexis, Eddie, and I went to Chapel Hill! We missed the Robertson Scholars bus as we were walking from the James B Duke statue to the bus stop (stupid bus) so we went in Anne's car ... we shopped around an awesome vintage clothing store which I am SO going back to (especially if I need to be outfitted for a drag show!), a head shop, and two music stores (didn't buy anything cos i'm going MAD shopping in Santa Fe or ABQ this week) ... when we got back (we did make the bus to come back), Eddie and I went to The Loop to eat good things, and Paola came along and ate with us ... and on the way back to East Campus, Eddie and I rode with Brian Schroeder, which was entirely too insane cos I was really hyper from drinking quarts of sweet tea and was mocking him ... we also all three checked out this shirtless guy running alongside the bus ... fun ...

later, alexis and i went to wellspring, she bought food, and we went to Sarah's ... there, Sarah kept lighting a lighter just cos she knew how, and eventually got me high on butane ... since we for some reason felt like we were in college (finally), we called eddie down and alexis messed with my hair and dressed me up like an emo boy, complete with eddie's glasses ... it was hilarious!

and just now, i talked to chris, who has apparently turned into me (he's on his third boyfriend of the semester! awesome!) ... and since he has spring break this week as well, we're gonna hang out! whoo! exciting! well, i better go to sleep so i don't sleep through my 1 pm shuttle (only i would do something so stupid) ...

People of the Day - Eddie, Alexis, Sarah, Ian, Anne, Chris, and Paola

Boy of the Day - um, probably the running guy cos he was hot and cos i can't mention Brian cos i'll become obsessed with him

Quote of the Day - "I didn't even know Frank Sinatra had a cake."
--Alexis, trying to make Sarah go insane over the Cake song "Frank Sinatra"

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