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It's oh so early ... it's oh so ... um, nevermind

Mar. 6th, 2002 | 05:26 am
mood: stressedstressed
music: Reading brosely's livejournal got Rufus Wainwright in myhead

So it's 5:19 in the morning and i haven't rightly been to bed yet ... today (well, Tuesday let's say) was ultra-homework day cos i have something due for EVERY class today (down with Wednesdays!) ... but i'm doing all right ... i already took the bio quiz, i just have to type up my writing paper, my studying for the HUGE spanish midterm has begun, and i just need to rewrite my PPS problem set ... and it only took staying up all fucking night! well, i did do some fun shit ... greta invited me to spend the night in the Sanford Institute cos she and Allison are continuing the Nomadic Student Alliance thing ... it was awesome! We poked around classrooms and hallways and places we weren't supposed to be, and wished we had a bouncy ball to drop from the third floor down to the commons ... in any case, we talked with Chris (who came to visit us) for awhile and spent the rest of the night stealing post-it notes and push pins and changing around arrows pointing to the restrooms ... if ya thought it was hard enough to get around that building before, try findin the men's room now ... hee hee ... in any case, i got about 20 minutes sleep total there cos i wrote my writing paper after all the mischief, but at least the couches on those study areas are comfortable ... and now i'm in Perkins, so yay for pulling my THIRD all-nighter of the semester! thank God spring break is on the way! Whoo hoo!!

People of the Day - Greta, Allison, and Chris

Boy of the Day - Arman (aka Army Pants Guy) ... we ate dinner with he and Kelly on Monday, and yesterday (Tuesday) Greta and i saw him at the Marketplace again ... he's so FUCKING GORGEOUS!!!! and i love his clothes too ... all the way to the headband ...

Quote of the Day = well, no ...

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just a quick addendum ...

Mar. 6th, 2002 | 05:32 am

we also found in the Sanford Institute a monstrous recycling bin for old phone books, so i now have a 1998 District of Columbia phone book and Allison has a book on the French Revolution ... awesome

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