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let's all hear it for searing pain! or not ...

Feb. 27th, 2002 | 12:21 am
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: Dinah Washington "If I Were A Bell"

so i'm getting shooting pains in my lower left chest area ... i think not visiting a general practitioner doctor in eleven years may be catching up with me ... not good ... also, all the typing and writing is making my hands hurt excessively ... popping every single joint in my hand is also catching up with me ... damn it! i'm gonna go pop some geltabs (assuming i can swallow them, that is ... ha ha ha) ... i gotta get Jerry back over to this side of the Atlantic to help me work on my gag reflex ... hee hee ... that would be beneficial for other reasons as well, but i have to go, so imagine them! it's not too hard ...

Quotes of the Day - "Well, I'm never gonna be evil now!"
--Sarah, on her inability to keep a straight fact during schemes

"Who Owns the Rabbits?"
--what Sarah heard when I mentioned the "Who Owns the Press" seminar I wanna take next semester ... I should call it that

People of the Day - Eddie, Sarah, Katie, Alexis

Boy of the Day - Um, hmm ... Jerry ... my gag reflex likes him ...

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Feb. 27th, 2002 | 12:16 pm
mood: stressedstressed
music: screechy random violin notes are appropriate right now ...

So I had to take a break from my Wednesday before noon even came around to avoid going insane ... yeah, today is the day that I have four classes in a row, and I only did two ... so I woke up at 9:04 for my 9:10 class ... when i got there, we were workshopping papers when I remembered that my three minute presentation was supposed to be today! Damn it! Luckily, we never got to it, but that still means I have to do it Friday (so this makes like four consecutive writing class sessions for which i've forgotten something) ...

Then i went to PPS section, and we were going over our problem sets, which I thought I had done perfectly, and the first half was! :D ... but the second half I completely screwed up, and it was so complicated that we were still figuring it out at 11:20 ... luckily, Kerianne gave us our blessing to leave if we needed to, so I did ... I went to Chick-Fil-a to get a burrito and by the time I got out of there, I discovered I had ten minutes to get to my Spanish class AND finish my homework for it ... so that just didn't work out ... I went insane and started singing "If I Were A Bell" at the West Bus Stop, and decided to go back to East ... screw Spanish ... ha ha ...

This brief reprieve will allow me to get my shit together so I can go to my fourth and final class, followed by a trip to the admissions office to talk to them about hosting a Latino pre-frosh and how GQ will get involved with Blue Devil Days! I'm psyched about that ... yay!

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