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(i need to come up with an abbreviation for "written on the next day" ... or write on the same day)

Feb. 16th, 2002 | 04:32 pm
mood: fullfull
music: Incubus "Make Yourself" (i'm completely obsessed with it)

So today was just fun cos Sarah, Katie, Eddie, and I ordered like 65 dollars worth of food from Cattleman's and had a HUGE ass feast while watching Fantasia and playing with Smarterchild, an artificial intelligence IM name that seems to talk to you, plus it can translate things, web search, Bible search, give you news and weather and stock prices ... but i just like to argue with it cos it's like that program i learned about in my psych class last semester: psychiatric patients would get on a computer and type stuff, and the program would keep asking supporting questions and rephrasing their sentences into questions and the patients thought it was a really sympathetic person ... sounds like good therapy and Smarterchild is too! Whoo!

I also spent a long time reading live journals online, particularly this one guy who has a really extensive one (probably more so than mine ... dang) and i just followed the story of his last two months ... it was pretty cool ... also, see the quote of the day ...

People of the Day - Sarah, Eddie, and Katie

Boy of the Day - Um, boys are dangerous so none today

Quote of the Day - "I had a messed up bowl of alphabits ... I'm wondering if my mom got it from a discount store ... the O's and A's were freaking HUGE!!! and the other letters were all small and crusty .. now I feel sick"
--from Joeyjack's livejournal (to properly credit it) ... i totally lost it cos i thought that was so hilarious

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