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(written on the next day ... what a surprise)

Feb. 15th, 2002 | 10:33 pm
mood: hornyhorny
music: Incubus "Make Yourself"

okay, Friday was more or less uneventful (probably less, but that's okay) so i wanna focus on my dreams of late ... being that this is on the internet and could potentially get me kicked off this site (or not) i'll try to censor them accordingly ...

so thursday night, i had this odd dream that i was on a Dook bus with Brian and some other guy and we sort of started to have sex in the bus ... so naturally the busdriver kicked us off somewhere near Swift Avenue ... so i went up in the area of where the Dook police station is and i was suddenly on a street walking with a bunch of people, including Benji and John ... then i was on another bus and everyone was pointing at me and whispering to each other, because they apparently knew what had transpired on the last bus ... when i finally got off, i noticed there was a whole lot of trash on the bus, especially under the seats ... and Tonya was sitting in the seat right next to the back door ... that was weird as hell ...

and last night was a bit stranger ... apparently all the freshmen at Dook had been put into six groups and given six different colors of polo shirts (red, white, blue, green, yellow, and black) and were assigned to do some random activities ... so i was in the white group and i went with the red and blue groups to a DEATH SENTENCE HEARING ... how about that one? so i remember moving one of the big benches in the courtroom for some reason ... and then i sat in it and i was right behind the guy who was apparently getting sentenced to death! and i kept whispering his name to try to get his attention (i don't remember what name it was tho) ... so apparently it then changed to Jennifer (JJ)'s death sentence hearing, which is frightening cos i haven't even THOUGHT about her in weeks, and all of a sudden i dream she is being sentenced to death? perhaps that means i'll regret it if i don't contact her while i can ... hrm ...

so as the dream went on, i went back into some weird house and the green, yellow, and black groups were all lined up alternatingly (new adverb!) and whoever was in the front of the line told me that they had been waiting there since 1:00 (i somehow knew that it was 6:00 during this convo) and i said that we had gone to a death sentence hearing and the person was like "no you didn't!" it was funny ... then some guy (i think Hot Econ Guy ... if not, he was still hot) came up close to my ear and cupped his hand around his mouth like he was gonna tell me a secret, but then he just stayed there! and i got angry and said "you're not even telling me anything!" and he got mad cos i think he wanted everyone in the line to think he was telling me something ... so then he started putting his face (with cupped hand) over random parts of my body ... it was extremely weird ...

so that's it ... interpretation might be impossible, but random dreams are pretty fun! whoo hoo!

People of the Day - Sarah(it was her first day of work running sound at the C-House! ... read on), Eddie, and Kelly (seeing as i didn't at all even talk about Friday, i can say that i went to the C-House for a bit to drop off Sarah's food with Eddie and Kelly talked to me and put me in charge of the door for awhile ... it was cool)

Boys of the Day - Okay, at the C-House, they were prepping for a show and there were lots of GORGES high school boys there! Eddie and I collectively almost started drooling all over the floor ... damn ... i'm going to shows in the near future!!

Quotes of the Day (or over the last few days that I had forgotten about):

--Toby: "You CAN go clubbing."
--Bahij: "Where, in HELL?!"
---a bitter conversation at dinner (Bahij is thinking of transferring to Columbia ... I hope he doesn't decide that's best cos he's cool! :( ... oh well)

"i had a bowl of messed up alphabits
I am wondering if my mom got it from a discount store...
the O's and A's were freaking HUGE!!! and the other letters were all small and crusty..
now I feel sick"
--from Joeyjack's livejournal ... i laughed SO hard when i read that ... now it's on my away message ...

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