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Ash Wednesday & The Best Day EVER!!! (or the best of the week at least)

Feb. 13th, 2002 | 10:13 pm
mood: lovedloved
music: Bjork "Gling Glo" & Dinah Washington "If I Were A Bell"

After trying to stay up all night last night to study for PubPol and failing miserably, I slept through church at 8:15 (which i fully intended to go to) and my 9:10 class, I dragged myself to brush my teeth at 10:00 so i could go to the rest of my classes ... on the way to the bathroom, i saw a FedEx guy with a 1800Flowers box and started wondering who in my hall was getting flowers ... here's a hint: ME!! when i came back, the box was sitting at my door, and it was tulips from Jerry!! whoo hoo! they were red, gorgeous, and 19 strong! who ever heard of a bouquet of 19 is on crack, but i'm not complaining ... in any case, i put them in a big McDonald's cup, cut the stems (and put the stem bottoms in my pocket, of all places), and dissolved the flower food in water ... I ended up being almost 20 minutes late for my PubPol section but it was entirely worth it!

hrm ... i did a lot of studying in the East Union lobby and on the steps outside (where Kelly and Scott were for a while) ... it was warm and i got a lot of PubPol reading done ... yay!

what else happened? so, in attempting to avoid the title of Worst Practicing Catholic in the World, I only ate one meal today and avoided meat ... that being at the wonderful Marketplace ... the food was all right, and we spent half our time there trying to decide if they were playing Led Zeppelin or The Beatles ... and after that, we bought fifteen bottles of water at the East Store so Sarah could save her fish from the ammonia-laden water ... and we got to watch her fill her aquarium to the tune of Bjork and the CD that came with Jerry's tulips ... what an event ...

People of the Day - Jerry! Whoo! Plus Sarah, Eddie, Alexis, and Brian (he's going to SF tomorrow so i can stop obsessing for awhile)

Hot Boy of the Day - I really need to change the title of this thing ... but it would be Jerry, of course ... maybe "Boy of the Day" would be more appropriate ...

Quote of the Day - "I'm lost. I've gone to look for myself, so if I get back before I return, please ask me to wait."
--Cheng's AIM profile, which credits to some guy's away message

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