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Colossal wastes of time ...

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Sep. 4th, 2002 | 09:45 pm
mood: blahblah

That was the theme of yesterday, hence I didn't get the time to write a journal entry about it. Basically, I had a whole bunch of homework but managed to put it off until very late at night because I was doing so many other things ...

I went to dinner with Jerry at the new diner in the WEL ... the food was good, but I don't really enjoy paying $6 for a Caesar salad, particularly when they don't have any Caesar dressing ... I ate it with honey mustard instead and was reasonably happy. We talked about my trip to Albuquerque over Fall Break, and he wants to go! It would be awesome if we could go together ... more expensive, sure, cos we'd be staying in a hotel during Balloon Fiesta Weekend, but it'd be worth it. After dinner, I came to show him my room and got a little *ahem* positive attention that I've been lacking for awhile ... and Jerry went off to teach his House Course.

The next distraction was going off to dinner at Grace's with Sarah, Alexis, Alex, Greta, and Toby ... it did count as a SHARE event, but I got nothing done there. That was followed by a re-visit of Jerry ... he wrote his letter of resignation for the DOC(cos they suck! Just kidding) on my computer, and I helped with spelling. When he left, I went to the other commons room (now known as the Meeting Room) and talked with Stephen, Sarah, Christina (our fabulous RA), Alexis, Toby, and Ian about random things like how scary Perkins is and the "sophomore freak-out" cos everyone is switching out of classes they don't like ... tee hee.

After all that, I finally did my homework, but only that which was due the next day, so there's some catching up I have to do. Also, one note: I had fun freaking out my Public Policy class yesterday cos I would have let a lot of people die for the sake of morality in one example we were doing ... I'm not listing details cos they are very complex and not too interesting to most other people, but let's just say I am really looking forward to that class now ...

And then the entry ended ...

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