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Pictures from before graduation

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Jun. 9th, 2005 | 01:12 am
mood: hungryhungry
music: I just started listening to Death Cab for Cutie last week.

The week before graduation was interesting ... nice and relaxing, and drinking-filled. I don't remember the early parts of the week, but Thursday was notable.

My parents and brother arrived in Durham on Thursday, as did Auntie Berna and Randy and Auntie Martha, Anna, and Lena ... but the former were staying in Raleigh and the latter didn't arrive until 11 p.m., so I just went out to dinner with Mom, Dad and Earl. I had counted on my somewhat vague directions to their hotel to be sufficient and thankfully they were, so Nathan dropped me off near the Comfort Inn and I went in to see them. And when did that hotel get so purty?

So it was really good to see all of them, and I attempted to help them make sense of Durham maps while they got ready, and then we went out to dinner. We decided on Red Lobster, which looked closed but was apparently just saving power by not turning on any exterior lights. Nevertheless dinner was good ... I ate a lot of shrimp pasta, and got to hear the waitress explain every single shrimp dish to Dad, heh. We spoke about the relief and such of being done with school and the long series of ceremonies to come over the weekend.

Following that they drove me to the Burch house and I showed them around ... not that it's all that exciting, but yes. It was interesting to finally intersect those two parts of my life. So after a while they went back to their hotel room and I got ready for the night.

And here are pictures from Brian and Betsy's joint birthday party on Thursday

The cake, with a special birthday candle

Every picture I take of Tommy comes out too dark. I don't think my camera likes him.

Tracey and Adam

Betsy's hooker shoes (her name for them, not mine)

The birthday boy, in semi-shadow ... the next time I'm in the West Village, I need to use flash dammit

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