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Mar. 21st, 2005 | 02:55 pm
mood: busybusy
music: Modest Mouse "Bankrupt on Selling"

The rest of Spring Break was pretty swell. Watched a lot of basketball, got some homework done, and in fact did everything that I had intended to do except cut my desk in half and make a Democrats T-shirt. But I can do those things in the next couple of weeks. Yesterday notable things included:

-Picking up Chris from the airport, after which Nathan expressed his true opinion of suburbia on the side of the road.
-Working at the Coffeehouse with no $ in the cash register, which didn't matter because everybody bought stuff on points.
-AQUADuke exec meeting during my shift, which was very efficient but we still have an irrational fear of Tuesday. Heh.
-Watching the end of "Spring Break Shark Attack" with Jorn, Sarah, and Weiting ... our conclusion is that the protagonists employed a ridiculously complicated strategy to lure the sharks away from the beach because they had to save Spring Break. Cos y'know, telling people to get out of the water when there are sharks isn't logical. At all.

I have so much reading for this week that I want to despair. But I spent three hours working on it just now and I have dry eyes, so I shall continue after class.

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