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I've been putting this off for a while ...

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Nov. 21st, 2004 | 03:04 pm
mood: sicksick
music: Jay-Z "H.O.V.A."

But I might as well update. I had a pretty good weekend, and I needed it after the backdrop of despearately trying to get all my work hours in at sikeCME. A loooong synopsis, which will be supplemented by pictures in another entry:

On Friday I actually made it to linguistics class, and we heard Naika talk about Swahili and play Miriam Makeba. Following that Caroline and I ate Chick-fil-a/Cosmic food in the Great Hall and chatted. Eventually she ran off to get her senior picture taken and I ran back home to get my car. I drove to Northgate and got a super quick haircut, but the time-saving was frustrated because I couldn't find the door I used to enter so I had to walk all the way around Old Navy and Sears (soon to be Sears/K-Mart! Sort of). I parked off of East and ran to art history class, and actually got there reasonably early. I did the crossword while two really yippy little dogs ran around, because apparently the trend of bringing pets to class is increasing in popularity, and I'm not really pleased. Nevertheless, talking about LeCorbusier was fun. When I went back to my car, there was a piece of paper under the wiper, and I thought it was a ticket but it turned out to be a note from some random guy who lived in Vegasville for 5 years, or so he claims. He wanted me to call him, but I think I'll pass on that one, heh.

Eventually I made it over to West and took my senior picture, then changed out of my fancy clothes and hung out at the Center for a long time. I originally sat outside on the bench with Mona, T, and Brian W. as we spoke of the billions of birthdays occurring and gossiped. Then we moved inside as the Duke/Carolina Battle of the Bands and some sociology class that Shaina is in competed for space. I stood around with Pookers, Weiting, and Christina eating cookies and easy cheese (which is still as gross as it was when I last tried it like 10 years ago) on Wheat Thins watching the chaos, then went and heard the class' presentation, on LGBT human rights worldwide. Following that I drove home for gym shoes, came back and went to the gym, which was mad deserted. Then I went home and ate all of Nathan's leftovers! Macaroni Grill pasta and orange chicken from Grace's go quite well togther, yes. Right after that Sarah and I went to Kroger and did crazy Thanksgiving shopping. And when we needed a gallon and a half of vegetable broth, they only had one 8 ounce juice box, heh. So we put all that crap away and then I cleaned my room while Caroline watched and we listened to random music on my compy.

At 11.30 p.m. the two of us finally headed out to the SHARE party ... there was a huge contingent of people outside smoking, so we talked to them for a while before going upstairs. I talked with VJ, Adam G (who condemned me for wanting to eat duck! Heh), Adam H, Chrissy, Seth, Bethany, Marina, Alexis, Brian S (whom I hadn't seen in forever!) and Pookers and danced a bit. But I wasn't feeling the atmosphere so much, so I went off with Adam H, T, and Chrissy to another party ... on the way up to the car, Adam was talking about how the White Russians hadn't impaired him from parallel parking so he drove us out to the Lancaster house, where a much bigger party than the previous one was in progress. Soon after I got there Betsy and Topher exited to smoke, so I talked to Brian W. and Alex. I had quite a few drinks, so the order of events is blurry, but highlights included: watching Brian fix the toilet and then rejoicing about it with Alex, continually trying to change the song in the dining room and fucking it up, seeing Kym!, and hiding in the back room with Alex while she told me about the Gatoring Society. Too fucking funny ... most of the pics are from that party. Adam dropped me off at about 2.45 and I ate a bagel with some slightly old cream cheese before sleeping.

Despite the drinks and the gross-in-retrospect bedtime snack, I felt fine when I woke up on Saturday so Caroline and I readied and drove off to the football game (had to park on Central, boooo). We arrived at the Blue Zone around 11 and called Brianna to find her ... when we did, she was waaay drunk but looked to be enjoying it, so I got a beer and a hot dog while Caroline finished her ghetto iced coffee from Alpine and we walked around observing the madness. Pulsar has a band! And they were playing in like the farthest corner of the lot, and no one was paying attention to them ... they were quite good, actually. Eventually we got back around to Brianna's car and talked to various people including Shaina ... then we headed up to the game. I held out hope cos we were actually leading for awhile in the first half, but while we trekked to the bathrooms and to get a pizza too much scoring occurred, and yeah ... we lost. So we left in the 4th quarter and came back home, where I had a faabulous 45 minute nap.

At 6ish we took our second excursion to Bojangales (Muzak of the Day: "I Fall to Pieces"!!!), where there were very creepy motionless taxi drivers sitting outside, then to the basketball game. We almost didn't get in, but Shaina and the other line monitors managed to smoosh us into the graduate section ... they were extremely crappy seats but we showed up 10 minutes before tipoff, so it was understandable. And yeah ... the football loss was definitely balanced out by this game! We won like 86-39 or something ridiculous like that. Yay Tennesee-Martin. I didn't really do anything notable for the rest of the day.

And today I woke up feeling a bit sick. I have a fever and was really lethargic, but fortunately Allison (who is visiting) helped Alex make brunch when I couldn't, so I ate banana walnut pancakes and hard-boiled eggs with them and Greta and Mike and that made me feel a bit better. I've been reading since then, but I think I need to step up the progress on that, so I'm running away to campus now.

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