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Hank Williams and new appliances/electronics take over Vegasville

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May. 13th, 2004 | 03:09 pm
mood: optimisticoptimistic
music: K F U N ... el doce treinta!!

I'm finally home, and it took a breakdown and a half worth of stress to get to this point, so a bit about that: Nathan and I had a hellish time packing and moving out, mainly due to not enough time. I'd packed a good amount of my stuff Wednesday-Friday of last week, but then was doing graduation stuff all weekend, as was he (since he graduated, duh), so we didn't resume any packing til Monday, and most of that day was spent working on his roommate's stuff. On Monday night we did a lot of packing and cleaning of his apartment, and Kyle and Jon W. also came over to pick up free stuff and drink some beer/play some MarioKart with us. It was nice, as sort of the last random gathering of Duke friends of the year. I also got measurably better at MarioKart by playing alone while Gen and Nathan reminisced, and then she left early Tuesday morning, so Nathan and I wpent the entire day packing up both our places. Finishing my packing sucked because we had to get stuff to the post office before it closed at 5, and we had stuff to take to Burch. Luckily, a couple things worked in our favor: we ran into Marina in SHARE and she helped us immensely, and also we found a UPS place that accepted my computer for shipping until quite late. So we took care of my shipping in short order, but moving stuff to Burch was sucky because we had to put it upstairs in the loft, and those was some damn narrow stairs. After we took care of that and deposited my fridge in the backyard to defrost, we went to finish up Nathan's apt. I called Kyle and Jon, and they agree to help us pack Nathan's car as well as pick up the rest of the free stuff, so Marina, Nathan and I ate Wendy's while we waited for them to show up. It was nice cos the first meal Nathan and I ate together (aside from Thanksgiving dinner, where we met) was Wendy's, ha. Anyway, we didn't finish up until after 2 a.m., but we made arrangements for Marina to get rid of trash in the apt in exchange for staying there the rest of the week.

So, Wednesday morning we woke up too early, had our final bout of lurvmaking, and finished packing his car way too full. I had to carry both of my suitcases (which weighed about 75 pounds between the two of them) on my lap, so I couldn't see very well, but we managed and said goodbye at the Continental Airlines curb, then I went off to my flight. The Continental machines worked fine for once, and the airport was sooo deserted, so there were no lines and I had time to eat breakfast and watch a sparrow fly around the terminal for awhile before boarding. Then I flew to Houston, which was uneventful except for the violent turbulence right before we landed ... the plane started shaking from side to side with the airport in view, and I was like "Um, this isn't good" but we managed a landing and I sat in the airport watching people run around until getting on the next flight. It was fine, except for this annoying woman sitting a row in front of me who wanted to smack an airline employee (her words) for refusing to let her carry three bags onto the teeny little Embryair Jet and yelled "Are we in the United States?!" when our Hispanic flight attendant came on the intercom for the first time. Bitch slept most of the flight, thankfully. Umm, yeah.

When I got into the airport, I was trying to act like I was studying from the outsiders' perspective right away, cos it's a pretty telling place if you're wanting to see the commodification of Southwestern culture. Then I met the fambly, who had just gotten there cos my flight was early (flying into ABQ rocks; no delays evar). Oh, and one final note on the flying. I was at some point reading about Continental Airlines' "no middle seat guarantee" for their frequent flyers and other various special people, and I have to say it's pretty damn easy to fulfill on flights like the ones I took because there are no middle seats. The planes are so small that there are only three seats per row, and the aisle goes between them, so there's just one seat per row to the left of it (where I sat for both flights, yay) and two on the right, one which is an aisle and one a window seat. Ha!

Moving on, we went immediately from the airport to this Crossland place my parents want me to live for the summer, and it's plenty nice but it's really really small. I don't wanna pay almost $700 a month for something like 330 square feet!! So I insisted on not choosing that place without looking at any other options, so we went to see where I'll be working to figure out what would be closest. I really like the neighborhood cos it's right near UNM and really dense, so it actually looks like (and is) a true urban neighborhood, not just a big block of seeming-suburbia like much of Burque! It's soooo nice, yay. But my family doesn't want me to live right in there, which is fine, so we were off to try to randomly find some apartments elsewhere, which didn't work very well cos we weren't all that prepared. It's understandable why we're not though, cos I've been in North Carolina with no time to search, and Mom + Dad have been busy working so they couldn't either, and they got only 1 specific recommendation from friends. So we're gonna ask Auntie Berna if she can help us, since she's lived there for years, as well as ask Auntie Martha where Anna lived when she was at UNM, and I'm gonna beg Antonio for help too, so we'll figure it all out. I also just spent a couple of hours looking through the classifieds from the Journal we bought while there and finding their locations online, so I'm gonna call places that are somewhat close to my job tomorrow.

As for the rest of yesterday, we went to eat at HomeTown Buffet after more fruitless searching, and I stuffed myself with bland food, then cheesecake. It's so random, though, because I was starting to feel like Burque was much bigger and more imposing than I'd originally thought, but when I called Antonio earlier today, he said he had seen us walk out of the fucking restaurant as he was driving by. So hott, I love it. So, umm yeah, that's a funny symbol that encourages me. I think I'll be fine, with Antonio and Jessica living here (and supposedly Chris, Tracey, Alegre, Ricky, et. al.), and working in an environment where I'll certainly meet more people my age, so woo hoo. Anyway, on the way home, I fell asleep before we hit Santa Fe, but woke up cos we stopped there to buy New Mexico music at Hastings ... all I have to say is OMG Al Hurricane's old album covers are scary. Just imagine this huge, zoomed-in picture of a Hispanic man with an eye-patch, a curly odd-looking afro, and a smile that says "Yes, I'm going to eat you ... verrrry slowly" and you've got it. Heh. But he is still the Godfater of New Mexico Music, so I bow down. Then we got back on the highway and I fell asleep again, waking up every little while in a panic because I thought everyone else in the car was gonna fall asleep too and we were gonna crash. Yep.

When we got home, I watched the huge TV that Earl bought and put in my room and then fell asleep, only to have a bunch of nightmares before midnight. Eventually I managed to sleep more peacefully and had this awesome dream that I was staying at a hotel with Mom and Dad where our room had a screened-in porch, and it was right next to the Duke Coffeehouse, where a huge party was going on. I saw Billy there, and gushed that I had been thinking about him, etc. (which I was ... clearly this is why he appaered in the dream) and then I walked around seeing bunches of people I knew both from NM and NC as I tried to get back to the hotel room to find some alcohol I had in there. I couldn't get in cos I lost my key, but there was lots of alcohol at the party anyway, so I had no worries. Then I woke up. By my estimation, the good parts of that dream are gonna be a lot like my experience this summer, so I'm off to try to find an apartment so I have a place to live when it happens. Expect more ridiculously long entries soon as I invdae the library for internet access! Oh yeah, so as for home, our dishwasher and dryer (the latter was 34 years old and my parents bought it when they got married in 1970, keep in mind) gave out recently, so we have new ones, and it's quite nice. Also, Dad got his Chopa truck all painted and registered and whatnot, and he even has a freaking CD player in it (in a 1947 restored truck! So awesome!) so we were at Hastings buying music because he was tired of "just having A Tear in My Beer to listen to" ... hee hee. Tne end, for now.

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(no subject)

from: nietzschean_cut
date: May. 13th, 2004 11:49 pm (UTC)

Hellish but fun!! Moving out this year is omething I will never forget ;) NIce to talk to you tonight. Now I just have to get housing in San Fran...although one of the dukies is talking to an alum from a few years back who has an apt there...they asked him if two could stay...but with three now I dunno.....oh well we shall see. Apparently the act packet recommends arriving a few days early and scouting apartments.....but that sounds really scary.....heh this is the excite vie bohemian that I asked for anyhoo. .....P.S.. Lurvmaking...I like the sound of that :)

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(no subject)

from: silverthief2
date: May. 14th, 2004 12:48 pm (UTC)

Oh, you will find an apartment, don't worry about it ... my apt search is taking a turn for the better too! And I have only 9 days before I start work, so I'm cutting pretty close too ... keep me apprised of what happens.

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