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things that bother me .... y'all don't be offended now

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Apr. 16th, 2002 | 09:46 pm
mood: discontentdiscontent

even though i'm in an extremely good mood right now, i feel like listing stuff that's pissing me off so i'll stop thinking about it and be in an even better mood, so:

--Fraternity pledges carrying paddles: yeah, it's homoerotic but maybe they don't care what people think about that (and i actually don't care either ... so i don't know why i mentioned that) ... but the real thing that pisses me off about it makes it seems like that frat is SO prevalent and important on campus ... if the pledges had their choice, i doubt they would even do it ...

--Our gay fraternity: i know it hasn't really materialized yet, but i had a thought ... back when everyone was telling me that guys would only join it for sex (and most of those people WERE lgbta) i didn't know a lot of things that i do now ... namely that DLP strictly bans any sort of intimate/romantic goings-on between brothers, pledges, etc. ... so when we finally do get to campus, we will be the ONLY frat at Dook that has that rule ... of course someone might break that rule, but the point still stands that we should technically be less inclined to have such a thing going on than all the frats who make pledges carry paddles ... interesting ...

(and moving away from the fraternity theme):
--Cell phones: these have become beyond annoying ... everywhere i go, i hear some stupid beeping noise that's supposed to sound like a song, but is just loud and annoying, and someone proceeds to start telling whoever called them their EXACT location, EXACTLY what they're doing, and who they're doing it with ... why?? if i had a cell phone (and i probably will, eventually) it would ring, like a normal phone, and i would have it off most of the time out of respect for people around me, esp. professors! how pissed would i be if i were a prof. and had to deal with bullshit ringing in class?? dahh ...

--Wealthy people/people who can't comprehend not having money: today in spanish class, a lot of people answered the question about what they want most with things like a wish for their parents to buy them a nice car, a vacation, a BOAT (?), etc. ... what the hell? i won't get ANY car til i'm a junior in college, much less a nice one, and i don't even want to deal with the rest of that ... i looked down at my paper, and the things i wanted were: a new dog (cos my old one died in Nov.), a job this summer, and for my friends not to be angry at each other ... sure, i want a good-paying job, but that's mainly so my parents don't have to use our damn life savings to go Christmas shopping ... uhh ... i almost cried in class cos i was so shocked that these people existed ... of course, i've seen a few instances of such people this year ... oh well ...

that didn't put me in a better mood actually, but at least i wrote that ... maybe i'll delete it later

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from: dirtbomb
date: Apr. 18th, 2002 06:26 pm (UTC)

I know the deal, Joe-Nathan. It's a sick sad world, and you should check out my journal. Me being Eddie, of course.

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