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Can't rest ...

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Sep. 8th, 2003 | 09:59 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Miles Away"

The pace of this semester has been insanely fast so far, and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down too much. I got up really early to do my Spanish homework and finished at 10.10 this morning, which left me exactly enough time to brush my teeth and get to class to turn it in. After that class, I came back here, changed clothes, and went to lunch and my other two classes. I left Statistics early, actually, so I could freak out about my first day of work and still be on time. Which I did.

Working was kind of interesting, but first days are first days. I got everyone's name down, including the temps and one of the students who was there, so I'm doing better than I did at first days of my previous jobs. I didn't talk to anyone too much, though, because everyone was working feverishly to get everything done before the end of the day, and no one seems to enjoy the crowded space too much. I can't really blame them. In any case, I spent my time there putting registrations for conferences into the computer and faxing/mailing confirmations to the people I registered, which wasn't too difficult. I still think it's nice to have busywork, just because I have plenty on my mind already, and am thus not really looking for intellectual stimulation on the job. I also learned how to use the fax machine! Woo!

Since I got out of there, I've gone to dinner with Eddie and watched a movie from Mali for PPS environment class ... now I'm faced with a bunch of reading, and I'm really sleepy. I think I'll only get through a bit of it, then save the rest for early tomorrow morning. I'm successfully (if unintentionally) shifting my sleep schedule to earlier hours! This is good, because I like being up early; it makes me feel more productive, and I actually am too.

I suppose I should also talk about this weekend. Caroline was here, and it was fabulous. On Friday we went to dinner with Kelly at Mad Hatter's (which has amazing wraps ... I'm gonna eat there when the office moves down the street!), then to the WXDU concert on the quad.

Caroline took me shopping on Saturday, and I spent a lot of money, but it was worthwhile. I got stackable plastic drawers for my bathroom stuff, hooks to hang my shelves (which aren't working ... I might have to bust out the rubber cement), a printer cartridge, and some clothes. I'm wearing pretty billowy khaki pants I bought right now! That night, we attended the quasi-party in Jessie's room, followed by a jaunt out to the Mirecourt party, which featured a subsequent jaunt to the Lobby Shop, where I for some reason decided to buy cigarettes. We also ended up in Christina's room, where Caroline and Christina played "Hits of the 90s" on her keyboard ... ha!

On Sunday, Caroline and I went briefly to Fiesta del Pueblo, which was a good time. We wandered around, ate expensive burritos and drank a giant cup of lemonade, looked at booths, pledged to remain smoke-free, and watched Capoeira Brasil perform for a bit ... pretty fun. Sadly, we couldn't stay too long because I had to return for a SHARE meeting, where I was elected (read: won by default) rush chair. Then I did homework, ordered Cinelli's food with Kelly and Jessie (it was real good), and went to 9 p.m. Mass.

This is why I'm exhausted.

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(no subject)

from: sadeyedlie
date: Sep. 9th, 2003 12:19 am (UTC)

what job did you get?
i remeber us talking about the whole job thing.

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